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Guide for Redheads: How To Get (And Maintain) Bangs

Something to consider when getting bangs is the maintenance.

ce it takes to keep them looking good. How you maintain your bangs and the level of commitment depends on the type of bangs you have. Here are a few tips for maintaining your red bangs!

Get Low Maintenance Bangs

If you’re not sure you’re going to like bangs or you don’t want a big commitment, skip the blunt bangs or the micro bangs. They will need a lot of upkeep and you can’t do much besides wear them down. Instead, try a low-maintenance style like curtain bangs or longer messy fringe. These types of bangs can easily be pinned back or parted and styled into your hair. 

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Book a Recurring Appointment

A lot of salons will actually do bang trims for free or cheap if you’re a recurring customer. To keep your bangs the same length you will probably need a trim every 6 weeks, so booking a recurring appointment will help you keep them looking sharp. 

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Trim Them at Home

Getting your bangs trimmed by a professional is always preferred, but you can easily trim bangs at home if you know what you’re doing. Ask your stylist to show you how to trim your bangs, or look for tutorials online. Just remember you can always take more off but you can’t put it back, so less is more. 

Use Heat Protection

Upkeep on your bangs isn’t just about trimming, it’s about the health of the hair too. Make sure you use a heat protection spray on your bangs whenever you use hot tools to keep them from getting frizzy and fried. 

Nourish Your Bangs

If you do use a lot of heat on your bangs, make sure they are getting nourished and hydrated. Apply a leave-in conditioner or try an oil treatment. Just be sure to protect your forehead from product build-up by pinning them back when they are dirty or have a product in them. 


Rock it like a Redhead!