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The 3 Best Brushes To Use When Your Red Hair Is Wet

Here's What to Use and What to Skip

When you get out of the shower, you probably reach for your brush or comb to start the styling process, but did you know there are certain tools you want to avoid using when your red hair is wet? Here are all the best and worst brushes for wet hair. 

AVOID: Fine Tooth Comb

It might be tempting to get out those post-shower tangles and start separating your hair with a fine-tooth comb, but you’re going to cause more damage than good. The small spaces between the teeth aren’t wide enough and you’ll be tugging at the hair unnecessarily. 

USE: Wide Tooth Comb

Wide-tooth combs are great for getting all the tangles out and separating your hair for adding product or drying. Make sure you use something with thick teeth and plenty of space to allow the hair to pass through easily. 

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AVOID: Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristle brushes are great for smoothing dry hair, but they won’t do much for wet hair and you could actually damage your brush by using it on wet hair. Wait until your hair is dry to use this one. 

USE: Detangling Wet Brush

Detangling hairbrushes created for wet hair are optimal for detangling and smoothing the hair before styling. Since they are made for wet hair they will glide easily and won’t cause damage.

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AVOID: Round Brush

Using a round brush on fresh out of the shower hair is going to cause tangles and really won’t be adding any volume. Instead, do a rough dry to get the hair feeling damp instead of soaking wet before going in with your round brush.

USE: Vented Paddle Brush

For the initial drying stages of wet hair, a vented paddle brush works wonders. It will speed up the drying process and when used properly you can get some volume at the root before going in with a round brush or other styling tools.

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