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The Difference Between Wet and Dry Haircuts for Your Red Hair

Which one is right for your red hair?

Most people get their hair washed and then cut and dried at the salon, but have you ever gotten a dry cut? The two types of cuts are good for different hair types and textures. We all want our red hair to look its best and having a great cut is essential. This is how to know which one is right for your red hair:

Wet haircut

Cutting hair while wet allows your stylist to be more precise with their cuts and it allows them to ensure everything is even. When the hair is wet it all lays down flat and is easier to work with. One thing that stylists have to consider with wet cuts is shrinkage. Your hair is being pulled to its max so it will look shorter once it’s dried and has shifted back up into its natural position. Cowlicks are also something stylists have to take into consideration when cutting wet as they may not be visible. 

Dry haircut

Cutting hair dry lets your stylist see exactly how short it will be without worrying about shrinkage. They also allow your stylist to see the natural movement of your hair and cut according to that. Cowlicks, curls, and other shapes in the hair can be worked around more easily. Dry cuts are great for those with curly or wavy hair, as well as those who want natural-looking layers.

How to decide which one to get

The best thing to do is ask your stylist which type of cut they recommend. Consider your hair type and texture as well as what type of cut you are wanting. Your stylist should be able to take these factors into consideration when advising you on a cut type. You can also have an initial cut done wet and touchups are done dry if that’s something you want.

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