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Winter Haircut: Why I Hate Cutting My Red Hair

"For me, haircuts are an emotionally draining experience."

By: Emily Clarke

I got mine cut months ago, and miss my long hair.

I’ve never met someone who feels as strongly as I do. For me, haircuts are an emotionally draining experience. So many people look forward to them as refreshing, exciting, or even just necessary and so no big deal.

I’m still surprised when I condition it and feel how much shorter it is.

In my defense, I’ve had more than my fair share of atrocious cuts over the years. It got to the point that this most recent cut didn’t happen until I had almost a foot of split ends. I’m lucky enough to have thick curls (and low standards), so it’s only my poor mother who ever comments on those split ends, though it’s also possible my friends are just more polite than I’ve give them credit for.

I do feel obligated to admit the cut was entirely my fault. It felt like time, and my sweet stylist was infinitely patient with me as I told her time and again, ‘just a little more’ (shout out to the ladies at Bo Tangles in Traverse City, MI).

Before the haircut, my red curls hung halfway down my back and were constantly getting caught on my purse and clothing. I shed more than our cat and clogged the shower drain weekly. I couldn’t wear half my wardrobe because the fabric made my hair staticky. It inevitably took the length of time between showers for my hair to finally dry.

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Afterward, my curls barely reached my shoulders and I missed them immediately. I’ve been told the shoulder-length was ‘cute’ and how ‘it must be so light and easy!’ My hair no longer got caught on everything, and it now takes at least two weeks for the shower drain to clog! It still takes too long to dry, but there are probably bigger problems I could be whining about.

Before that haircut
Before the haircut
After the haircut
After the haircut

This is one of the best haircuts I’ve had and it’s already growing back, but I still look forward to having that long hair back.

Is this just me? Do you love haircuts? Dread them?

Rock it like a Redhead!

Photo courtesy of author, Emily Clarke.