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How Hot Should Your Hot Tools Actually Be?

We all know that over-exposure to heat is one of the biggest causes of hair damage. Most of us are probably guilty of cranking our curling iron or straightener all the way up. time we use it. If you like using hot tools on your hair, you should know how hot your tools should actually be. 

Your Hair Type Matters

If you have normal, healthy hair that isn’t overly processed you should be safe at about 350º. That being said, if your hair is thin, fine, or damaged you will probably want to use a lower heat under 300º. If your hair is very thick you may need a little bit higher heat. Those with curly hair may be tempted to opt for a higher heat because their hair is thick, but actually, heat can damage your curl pattern so you will want to stay under 350º for naturally curly hair. 

High Heat Doesn’t Save Time

You might be tempted to use a higher heat to save time, but really it won’t save you much at all. Your hair will still curl or straighten the same at 350º as it will at 400º but you will have less damage. The best way to take care of your red hair is to keep the heat low. 

Turn the Blow Dryer Down Too

While it doesn’t have a temperature gauge, many of us are also making our blow dryers too hot. Try using the low or cool setting to dry your hair. You will notice that you have less frizz and it drys in about the same amount of time as the higher settings. 

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Less Heat = Healthier Hair

Reducing the amount of heat you use on your hair and keeping the heat low when you do use it is the best way to keep hair healthy while styling. Great options for reducing heat include no heat overnight styles, heatless curlers, and styling the hair while blowing it out to avoid the use of multiple hot tools. 

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