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3 Dangers of Sleeping with Wet Red Hair

Don't Make This Hair Mistake

Drying your hair after a nighttime shower is such a pain, especially if you have thick red hair. We’ve all skipped the blow dryer and chose to go to bed with wet hair. Should we really be doing that? Here’s everything you need to know: 

1. It can cause damage 

You just spent time washing your red hair, so don’t let it be ruined overnight. Not only can your hair get tangled and turn frizzy when you sleep with it wet, but it can also cause breakage and scalp issues. 

2. It’s not good for your pillows 

Not only is sleeping with wet hair bad for your hair and scalp, but it’s also bad for your bedding. Wet hair can leave water marks on your pillowcases and cause mildew in your pillows themselves. 

3. Damp hair is okay, but it has to be done right…

After reading this article, you might be thinking you have to dry your red hair 100% before going to bed. But, that is not the case. It’s actually okay to sleep with slightly damp hair if you do it right. Here’s what to do:

  • You want your hair to be about 70-80% dry when you go to bed. Hit your roots with a blow dryer to ensure they are fully dry so you don’t have to worry about your scalp health. 
  • You also want to make sure you apply a hair serum to keep it from frizzing.
  • Make sure to always leave your hair down or in a loose braid/ponytail. Putting your hair in a tight braid or bun might leave you with damp hair in the morning.
  • Silk pillowcases can also help to reduce frizz for both damp and dry sleeping.

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