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Overnight Face Masks: The Nighttime Beauty Secret Your Redhead Skincare Routine Is Missing

A Whole New Meaning to Beauty Sleep

Fitting skincare into your daily routine can be tough, especially if you love to sleep and do not work from the home. This is where overnight masks come in. Doing your skincare overnight is not only convenient, but your redhead skin can really benefit from it. 

Here are the reasons you should turn to overnight masks:

Locks in moisture

Ever wake up feeling dry? That’s because your skin is losing moisture while you sleep, especially if you sleep with a fan on. Doing overnight masks will help to lock in the moisture and keep you soft and supple when you wake up. 

Has time to fully soak in

Most of us don’t have time to sit still with a mask or other skincare on our face for upwards of 20 mins a day. In most cases, skincare doesn’t get optimal time to soak in. But when you sleep with an overnight mask on, your skin has plenty of time to lap up all the nutrients and benefits of your skincare. Remember: ONLY use products designed for overnight use. You never want to use a regular skincare mask overnight. 

Wake up feeling refreshed 

There’s nothing better than waking up feeling refreshed and having glowing skin. It puts you in a great mood to start your day and gives you a great canvas to work with when getting ready. 

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