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Why a Cold Water Rinse Is Super Important After Washing Your Red Hair

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A common tip for hairstylists and other hair care professionals is: always rinse hair with cold water when you’re done washing it.

Have you ever wondered why this is? We know cold water is simply better for your hair than hot water because hot water can cause dryness and damage. It can also dry out the scalp, but let’s face the facts — taking a fully cold shower sounds awful. That’s why it’s recommended to use cold water only for the rinse phase when you have finished washing and conditioning the hair.

Rinsing out your hair only takes a few moments, and a little cold water is bearable for that amount of time. But, why is this rinse so important? It’s important because the cuticle of the hair (the outside layer) is made up of many overlapping cells. This is something you can actually see when you look at hair under a microscope; hair cells react to temperature changes. When they are exposed to cold temperatures through the cold water it closes the cuticle protecting the moisture and nourishment your hair needs to be healthy.

When you use hot water on the hair, it allows the cuticle to remain open and lets all the moisture and benefits from your haircare escape. That being said, you can still use warm water on your hair, especially during the washing stage while you’re scrubbing the scalp. The warm water will help to loosen grime and build up and leave your scalp cleaner.

Once you’re all done washing and conditioning, it’s time to go ahead with your cold water rinse. Brace yourself, crank the water down to cold, and rinse out the conditioner with that cooler-temperature water. Doing this regularly will leave your hair softer, and shinier and you’ll see the benefits of your hair products go a lot further. 

After you are finished with your cold water rinse don’t forget to dry your hair with a microfiber hair towel!

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