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Natural Method for Lash Lifting That Is Gentler On Your Redhead Lashes

Skip the salon, this hack is easier and chemical-free

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Lifted lashes can help your eyes look bigger and your redhead lashes look longer. Lash extensions and salon lifts require maintenance and care, and the chemicals used along the way are rarely safe for you or the environment. This goes for the toxic glues used in single-use drugstore lashes, too.

There’s a simple TikTok trick to fake the lifted lash look in the comfort of your home. 

This trick is super simple and only takes a few items you’ve already got at home. You will need: 

  1. Metal eyelash curler
  2. Heat source*. The safest way to do this trick is with a blowdryer because you can control the heat temperature and distance to your face. Alternatively, you can purchase a heated lash curler that does the work for you. 

The way you get your lashes to stay lifted all day is by essentially turning your lash curler into a mini curling iron for your lashes. You will use your blow dryer to heat up the metal on the top of the curler. Be very careful! You don’t get it too hot otherwise you could burn your skin or your lashes. Once heated, let it cool for a few seconds until it’s just warm to the touch. Now you will curl your lashes like normal, apply mascara and you’re good to go!

Here’s the full TikTok tutorial below. TikToker @sophieemand uses a hand-held lighter, but we think a blowdryer is safer for you and your sensitive redhead lashes:


I also recommend using a lash serum✨ #lashes#lashextensions#eyelashhack#ukbeauty#beautyhack#beautyhacks#longeyelashes#longlashestutorial#lvllashes

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

*This is a recommendation only and safety precautions are highly recommended.