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You Might Have Just Found Us: What H2BAR Is All About

The Redhead Rundown Is Here!


Maybe you saw our co-founder’s on Shark Tank? Or maybe you’ve been around for a while. No matter what brings you to How to be a Redhead, welcome! We offer a variety of beauty products made for redheads by redheads. From brows to hair, we’ve got you covered. All of our products are ‘Redhead-Friendly’, made with clean ingredients, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny-approved. Wondering exactly what we offer? Here’s a beauty rundown to get you acquainted with all things H2BAR: 

Finally Have Brows® – Brow Products for Redheads 

The products we are best known for are our redhead brow products. Most redheads have light reddish blonde brows, and finding the right color can be hard! That’s why we created a line called Finally Have Brows® that contains four unique redhead brow products. You can buy them individually or as a set to really elevate your brow game! All of our tinted products come in a universal red shade that’s flattering for all shades of natural red hair + redheads by choice! Finally Have Brows® includes:

Finally Have Brows®

Finally Have Lashes® Lash Products for Redheads

Another area lots of redheads struggle with is lashes! Most redheads also have light lashes, and sensitive skin/eyes. That’s why we made Finally Have Lashes®, a mascara line for redheads. Our mascara line is made up of two different formulas, Finally Have Lashes® Hourglass and Finally Have Lashes® Enhancing. Our mascaras come in a variety of redhead-friendly shades including:

  • Perfectly Auburn (available in both formulas)
  • Perfectly Chestnut 
  • Perfectly Brown (available in both formulas)
  • Perfectly Plum 
  • Perfectly Black 

Finally Have Lashes®

Finally Bolds® Lip Products for Redheads

Our newest addition to the H2BAR product line is Finally Bold® Lipsticks for Redheads. These creamy lipsticks are in a semi-matte and come in three redhead-friendly shades including Perfectly Nude, Perfectly Pink, and Perfectly Red. They are the perfect lipstick formula for any lipstick lover and the shades are sure to flatter redheads of all skin tones and shades of red hair. 

finally bold

Finally Bold®

Hairline for redheads

We also created products specifically for your red hair! Finally Glossy® is our redhead shampoo that adds shine and luminosity to your red locks. It’s perfect for pairing with our Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Towel.

Finally Glossy® and Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Towel

H2BAR Beauty Boxes

One of our most popular items is our H2BAR Deluxe Beauty Box. This is a quarterly redhead beauty subscription box that gets mailed right to your door and is chalked full of redhead-approved beauty and lifestyle items. We hand-select everything in the box and curate the products + theme to match the season. It’s perfect for redhead beauty lovers, or for gifting!

Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box

H2BAR Deluxe Beauty Box

Beauty, Confidence, and Style Advice + Info

Our redhead community is about more than just amazing products, we also specialize in beauty, confidence, and style advice for redheads. We post daily about trending redhead topics, including makeup trends, skincare facts, beauty and fashion advice, and all things redhead!

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