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Redhead Warning: Your Eyes Can Get Sunburnt & Here’s How to Prevent It

Keep Your Eyes Protected

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As redheads, we are all too familiar with sunburns. The sunburns usually occur in the typical areas: nose, forehead, shoulders, back, scalp, knees and feet. Have you ever thought your eyes can sunburn too? That’s right. It is not exactly the same as a skin sunburn because your eyes won’t turn red and peel (yuck!) but it can have some lasting damage.

Here’s everything you need to know about what an eye sunburn is, why it happens, and most importantly how to prevent it. 

What is an eye sunburn?

The medical term for eye sunburn is Photokeratitis. This is a temporary condition that is caused by overexposure to UV rays. This condition is both painful and damaging to the eyes. Symptoms include pain, redness, swelling, blurred vision, headaches, watery eyes, sensitivity, and a “gritty” feeling in the eye.

How does an eye sunburn happen?

As mentioned before, eye sunburns happen because your eyes are exposed to too much UV light. This can happen outdoors in natural sunlight or via artificial UV light like those in a tanning bed. If the eyes aren’t properly protected, they can get sunburnt.

These are the best ways to prevent an eye sunburn: 

It’s easy to prevent eye sunburn, but you have to be diligent about using eye protection.

  1. Wearing sunglasses is the best way, but you must make sure they are blocking out both UVB and UVA rays.
  2. You can also protect your eyes by wearing a wide-brim hat or seeking shade.
  3. Remember, sunburns of all types can happen on even the coldest and cloudiest day. Check the UV index in your area to see what the risk is and if sunglasses are necessary. 

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The Causes Of Cherry Angiomas & What To Do About These ‘Red Freckles’

Studies show those with more sun exposure typically have more cherry angiomas

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Most redheads are no strangers to freckles, but have you ever seen a ‘red freckle’? More formally known as cherry angiomas or ‘red moles’, it is a skin condition that can happen anywhere on the body.

What are cherry angiomas?

Cherry angiomas are simply growths made up of a cluster of blood vessels. They are typically small like a freckle and look very much like freckles besides their red color. They can either be flat or just slightly elevated. 

What causes them?

There isn’t much information on what actually causes these “red freckles” but most people get them with age. It’s most common for them to show up starting in your twenties or thirties, and you may get more as time goes on. One reason they may show up is pregnancy, and another is sun exposure. The exact link is unknown but dermatologist studies have shown that those with more sun exposure typically have more cherry angiomas. 

Are they harmful?

Thankfully, cherry angiomas are not harmful. They can be unsightly or even annoying if slightly raised, but they do not run any risk and cannot become cancerous. However, there are other forms of skin cancer or skin conditions that can look similar to these ‘red freckles’ and can be harmful, so if you’re unsure visit your dermatologist.

Can they be removed?

Cherry angiomas cannot be removed at home. They can however be removed by a doctor, if medically necessary. Since they are mostly flat there really is no need but it’s best to consult your doctor or dermatologist.


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Kendall Jenner Misses Her Red Hair: These Are Her Top Looks

She can't wait to be a redhead again...

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Kendall Jenner has walked the runways for some of the biggest names in fashion, but in 2022 she walked for Prada for the very first time. For the fall/winter show, they dyed her hair red.

This big hair change took the internet by storm and in a video with Vogue, Kendall admitted that she misses her red hair. Skip to minute 11:20 when she talks about her red hair experience. She says she was excited (and nervous) to go red and says she feels like she went back to brown “too soon”.

Jenner says the main reason she went back to her natural color was due to the amount of maintenance it took to keep up her faux red hair. She says she wants to go back to red someday because she “loved it”. 

Maybe this walk down memory lane will convince her to go red sooner rather than later. Here are five of Kendall’s best moments as a redhead: 

1. The social media reveal

The first photos we saw of Kendall as a redhead were all from the Prada runway show. But the real reveal came when we started to see some more everyday photos of her on social media — like this one from her hairstylist, Matt Rez. 

2. The media moment 

Along with the more candid social photos was this stunning video of Kendall at Paris Fashion Week. This gave us a glimpse of the red hair in full force and we were obsessed. 

3. Courreges catwalk

Keeping in the Fashion Week spirit, Kendall walked for Courreges, a French fashion house. She rocked her red hair along with a stunning black ensemble with cutouts. 

4. Vintage vibes

One of our favorite looks was Kendall rocking her red hair with an oversized leather jacket, straight-leg jeans, and vintage cowboy-style books. Kendall said the boots were found in a vintage shop in London and the outfit really “feels like me.” 

5. Casual Kendall 

We’re getting Kim Possible vibes from Kendall in the best way possible. Her straight red hair paired with a tiny black tank, cargo skirt, flip flop, and small sunglasses is so effortlessly chic and very 90s.

Which look is your favorite? Rock it like a Redhead!


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6 Tinted SPF Products Redheads Should Stock Up On This Spring

Find Your New Favorite Tinted SPF

Posted on

Sunscreen should be an essential part of your redhead skincare routine year-round. When it starts to get warmer and spring rolls around, we love swapping our standard SPF for a tinted SPF. Tinted SPF gives you the sun protection you need while also evening the skin tone and giving you a little color and coverage.

If you don’t have a tinted SPF in your redhead skincare collection yet, you’ve got to try one. If you’re wondering how to wear tinted SPF, the options are endless. The best tip is to apply it after your skincare routine for that “no makeup” look. It’s great for creating a freckle-friendly makeup look too, especially when paired with concealer and other makeup products. You can even wear tinted SPF under your foundation for some added glow and protection.

Here are some of SPF products redheads should stock up on this spring: 

1. Saie Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 Sunscreen 

tinted spf

Saie Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 Sunscreen: $36

2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50   

spf tinted

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50: $35

3. CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 


CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30: $16

4. Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36 

mineral sunscreen

Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36: $74

5. CōTZ Flawless Complexion Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 

Featured in many H2BAR Boxes, we had to include this in our favorites.

CōTZ Flawless Complexion Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50: $28

6. Thinksport Everyday Face SPF 30  

Thinksport Everyday Face SPF 30: $13

Rock it like a Redhead!


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4 Types of Hair Ties Every Redhead Should Know About

Finding the Best for Your Red Hair

Posted on

There are different types of hair ties that all serve the same basic function of keeping your red hair pulled back and away from your face. When choosing a hair tie, redheads want to make sure the hair tie will not tug at or pull at your unique strands and cause hair breakage.

Amongst the different types of hair ties, there are two main designs of hair ties: either elastic based or non-elastic based. From oversized scrunchies to traditional ponytail elastics, here are four of the most common types of hair ties so you can find the best option for your red hair. 

1. Scrunchie

A classic style we love for thick red hair is the scrunchie. It’s comfortable and leaves fewer dents in your hair, and it can hold a lot more weight than a traditional style hair tie. Scrunchies make a statement, and maybe that’s not what you’re about.

Redheads Recommend: Kitsch Matte Scrunchies | Whaline Velvet Scrunchies | Ivyu Jumbo Scrunchies

Kitsch Matte Scrunchies: $9

2. Spiral Hair Ties

Thes rubber hair ties are perfect for keeping your hair locked in place no matter what you’re doing. The spiral design leaves fewer dents and is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Redheads Recommend: invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties | Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties

invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties: $5

3. No Slip Hair Ties

If you don’t want a large scrunchie but a regular hair tie isn’t cutting it, try a thicker no slip hair tie. These are great for thick or curly hair because they won’t break, they don’t snag and they can give you a really good hold. 

Redheads Recommend: Burlybands Large Hair Ties | GIMME Bands Thick Fit Hair Ties | Bessrung No Damage Hair Ties

Burlybands Large Hair Ties: $12

4. Traditional Hair Ties

You know them, maybe you love them, maybe you don’t. Traditional hair ties are thin and break easily, and they also leave creases in your hair. Traditional style hair ties are fine for those with shorter hair or thin hair, but for redheads with thick, long, and/or curly hair, a traditional hair tie just isn’t cutting it. You can find options for thick hair that work better, but these are a bit of a last resort. 

Redheads Recommend: scunci Thick Hair Elastics | Goody Ouchless Elastics | How to be a Redhead Redhead Hair Ties (Sold Out)

How to be a Redhead Hair Ties: $7


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3 Redhead TikTokers Share Their Favorite Beauty Products

Beauty TikTok is no joke!

Posted on

We love seeing other redheads talk about their favorite redhead-approved makeup products. Finding makeup products for redheads (real or by choice) can be tough, and as a community, it’s great to share with one another. Here are three redhead TikTokers talking about some of their favorite makeup products in different categories and helpful links so you can start shopping: 

1. Morganna Beauty – Fav Foundations & Concealers


Reply to @katrinajade17 i hope this helps babes! 😍 #makeupforredheads #paleskin #redhead #favoritefoundation #favoriteconcealer

♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei


redhead makeup

L'Oreal Pro Infallible 24-Hour Fresh Wear: $16


tiktok redhead

e.l.f 16 Hour Camo Concealer: $7

2. Geena Hunt – Fav Blushes


Blush is my favorite ☺️ Sephora’s sale is happening rn if you need new blush! #creamblush #favoriteblush

♬ Soulful Strut – The Young-Holt Unlimited

makeup red hair

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush: $10

3. Sienna McKenny – Fav Lip Products


@ctilburymakeup @glossier @rarebeauty @meritbeautysocial @Clinique @jonesroadbeauty

♬ Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick in Medium: $34

What do you think? Would you try any of these?


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Non-Redhead Tries to Go Red and It’s a TikTok Disaster

Have you seen this trending video?

Posted on

A creator on TikTok tried going “ginger” recently and it was quite the disaster. After buying several hair dye products at the beauty supply store, TikToker Emma Langford proceeds to dye her bleached blonde hair red. 

After mixing up a bright orange concoction, Emma put it on her head and soon realized something was wrong. The colors began to separate leaving her hair patches of yellow and orange.

Dyeing hair red is super popular right now and 2023 trends show it staying around. While many people may be tempted to skip the salon and save some money, it might not be a good idea. The perfect ginger shade is often hard to find, and mixing custom colors is something that’s best left to a professional.

If you want to opt for a little hair upgrade at home, try a color-depositing shampoo or gloss. But, our suggestion is to head to the salon. You won’t regret it!


part 2 will be up today #hair #bradmondo #hairdyefail #hairfail #college #orangehair #bradmondoreacts #hairdye

♬ original sound – Emma Langford


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Video: This is What Happens When 1,000 Gingers Unite

Would You Attend a Redhead Festival?

Posted on

Did you know that there’s an annual gathering of redheads? That’s right! Every year for the last 12 years, redheads from across the globe have been gathering together for the Redhead Days Festival in the Netherlands. Redhead travel YouTuber, Drew Binksy, hopped on a plane last summer and headed to the 2022 festival to document what goes down when 1000 gingers unite.

Bart Rouwenhorts, the festival’s founder, created the festival over a decade ago for one simple reason: the camaraderie among redheads. In an interview, Bart tells Drew he sees redheads relating to one another as though they are family, and thus the festival was born to bring redheads together.

Drew also interviews other redhead attendees who talk about their experiences growing up with red hair and even shares his own experience about why he loves his red hair. Some of these redheads might be the only redhead in their family or friend group, and this festival gives them an opportunity to connect with people who share this trait. 

What kind of things happen at a ginger festival? Well, there’s food and drinking and even some redhead-specific activities like matching your color on a big board of red shades, the longest hair competition, art projects, and of course SPF dispensers.

So, what do you think? Would you go to a redhead festival? The 2023 dates have been announced, you can find those dates and more on the Redhead Days Festival website

Watch the full video here:


Rock it like a Redhead!


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How Redheads Can Get In On The Baby Bangs Trend

Would You Try This Style?

Posted on

Bangs make a statement, and baby bangs really pack a punch. These ultra trendy extra short bangs can be super cute or look awful, it just depends on how they are cut and styled. Baby bangs can be really wearable on certain hairstyles like a pixie cut or curly hair. Here are a few things to consider before you try the baby bang trend:

1. Hair Length

Baby bangs tend to look better and be more wearable with shorter hair. That doesn’t mean they can’t be worn with long hair, though. A longer layered look with baby bangs can be quite cute too.

2. Hair Texture

With all bang styles, it’s important to consider your hair texture. Bangs will look different on curly or wavy hair than they will on straight hair. Baby bangs will also stand out more on straight hair, whereas with curly hair they tend to naturally blend nicely with the curls surrounding the face. 

3. Maintenance

Bangs take a lot of upkeep, no matter their length. If you want to keep your bangs “baby” length, you’ll need to make frequent trips to the salon or learn to be handy with the scissors yourself. 

4. Lifestyle

Unlike longer curtain bangs or side bangs, baby bangs are hard to get out of your face. You might have some luck with a hat or headband but these little bangs are not going into a ponytail. Think about your lifestyle, do you work out a lot? Is your skin prone to breakouts? These are all things to consider before committing to bangs, especially baby bangs. 


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6 Reasons Your Redhead Skin is Irritated After Shaving

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation

Posted on

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of silky soft skin after you shave, but what about when you get those nasty little red bumps and uncontrollable itching? Shaving irritation is common, especially in those who have sensitive skin like us redheads. Here are 6 reasons your skin might irritate after you’ve shaved. 

1. You have a nickel allergy

Did you know lots of redheads are allergic to nickel? Using a razor made of nickel when you’ve got a nickel allergy is a surefire way to get irritation. 

2. You’re not replacing your razor enough

A dull or dirty razor blade is another reason you might be having irritation. You should change your razor every 5-7 shaves, and always rinse your razor after use. 

3. You’re using the wrong razor 

Aside from nickel, there are other things you should look for when shopping for a razor. Because redheads have sensitive skin you want to make sure it has plenty of blades, good lubrication, and is sensitive skin safe. 

4. Your skin isn’t lubricated when shaving

Your razor usually has a lubricating strip on it, which helps the blade to glide, but this isn’t enough. Make sure your skin is wet, dry shaving causes irritation, and make sure you’re using shaving cream or soap that provides ample glide. In a pinch? Try using conditioner! 

5. You are shaving too often

We all want smooth skin, but shaving too much could be the cause of your irritation. Instead of shaving every day, try shaving every other day to help reduce irritation

6. Your skin isn’t moisturized after shaving 

Many of us don’t want to take the steps needed to moisturize our legs and body after showering. But, shaving dry skin is a main reason why you may experience shaving irritation. Make sure to spend a few minutes moisturizing your legs after time in the shower. If you do this for 1-2 weeks, you will see a big difference the next time you go to shave.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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Red Hair on the Red Carpet: 2023 Grammy Awards Edition

Check Out More Red Carpet Looks!

Posted on

Award season can set the tone for the whole year. This year, we are loving how much red hair is on the red carpet. We saw natural redheads and redheads ‘by choice’ and we are predicting this is another year when red hair “trends” in the beauty space. Here’s a look at all the red hair that walked the carpet at the 2023 Grammy Awards:

Bonnie Raitt

Singer and guitarist Bonnie Raitt has been a staple in the American music world since the 1970s and she’s still going strong. Raitt won Song of the Year for her #1 hit, Just Like That. Raitt started her career rocking her natural copper locks and now as she’s got older, she enhances the color but does keep a fun white streak in the front. On the carpet, Raitt wore a simple animal print jacket with black slacks and a long necklace. 

Alisha Gaddis

This redhead made several best-dressed lists with her over-the-top floral Rachel Burke gown. Gaddis, along with her husband, was nominated for Best Childen’s Music Album for their bilingual album Los Fabulosos.

Berit Gilma

This creative director and artist might be a more unfamiliar name, but she was nominated for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package for her work on the album Big Mess by Danny Elfman. Gilma has tocked all sorts of red and copper over the years, but for the 2023 Grammys, she opted for a slicked-back look on her ginger locks, paired with a revealing white number that appears to be “Fifth Element” inspired. 


Singer of the hit song abcdefu, Gayle rocked the carpet with her signature split style. With ginger hair on one side and black on the other, the singer paired it with a see-through lace dress and lots of skin. Gayle was nominated for Song of the Year. 


English singer and songwriter Yolanda Claire Quartey, better known as Yola or Yola Carter rocked a look by Jovana Louis. The black and white ensemble resembles a unique take on a structured tuxedo with a wide-brimmed hat and stunning ginger locks. 

Shania Twain

One of the most talked about red carpet looks came from country music icon, Shania Twain. She paired her over-the-top black and white polka dot suit with a comically large hat and a bright red wig.


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Julianne Moore’s Red Hair Use To Make Her Feel “Like An Outsider”

She opened up to The New York Times about her journey to confidence

Posted on

Stunning redheads celebs are often the driving force behind younger redheads learning to love how they look, but for one celeb she hasn’t always felt confident in her red hair. Julianne Moore is an award-winning actress and is beloved by many. She’s known for her stunning red hair and light freckles, but in a recent interview with The Times, she admitted she hasn’t always loved her signature look.

“My red hair made me feel like an outsider growing up,” Moore says. She goes on to explain that “redheads are 2% of the global population. Nobody wants to feel like they’re in the minority, particularly as a young child.”

This is a sentiment many of us redheads understand all too well. Like Moore, many of us learn to embrace our red hair and freckles (if we have them) as we grow up. Moore goes on to say, “Now I feel very identified with my hair and freckles,” she noted, “but there’s still a part of me that would rather be a tanned blonde.”

Blonde hair and perfectly golden tan skin have become somewhat of a beauty standard in America, and even celebs feel the pressure to conform to that. Moore understands this all too well but as an adult, she has learned that “beauty and prettiness are subjective.”

As redheads, we are so unique in our features and our look. For many of us, even celebrities, it can take time to really learn to appreciate the ways we are special and really feel beautiful.


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