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Another Redhead Trend: What Is ‘Tomato Girl Summer’? 

Don't worry: a sunburn is not a part of this trend

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You’ve heard of “coastal grandmother” summer, but have you heard of “tomato girl summer”? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. The term “tomato girl” has been trending on TikTok and other social media platforms. For redheads, your first thought is probably tomato…summer…sunburn. But, don’t worry. It is an aesthetic. Let’s learn more about it: 

What is the “Tomato Girl” Aesthetic?

While this aesthetic is named after the vegetable (or fruit? We’re never sure) it really has a little less to do with that and more to do with the places where delicious tomato dishes might be popular. One article from Teen Vogue says to think of places like the Amalfi Coast, Santorini beaches, and Barcelona. What do these European destinations have in common? The romanticized idea of little streetside cafes, and backyard feasts at long tables filled with aromatic foods.

One thing the aesthetic does take from tomatoes is the color. Red is a big focus in tomato girl summer and is often paired with neutrals. There’s also a lot of neutral “European style” makeup for an effortlessly chic look. Other aspects include lots of natural elements like linen, silk, and rattan. Think light and breezy but in the most elegant way.

tomato girl

How Can Redheads Rock It?

So now that we know what tomato girl summer is, how can we achieve it as redheads? Here are a few tips:

  • Light Makeup – Let your freckles shine through with some light, dewy makeup. It should look natural and enhance your gorgeous features. A little concealer, some mascara, and a swipe of brow gel will do. 
  • “Natural” Hair – Overly styled hair isn’t the European way, but you still want to look put together. A bouncy blowout, some gentle waves or your natural texture tamed down is perfect. You want to look like you’re effortlessly this gorgeous, even if it takes a while in front of the mirror. 
  • Summer Style – After you pull in the reds and neutrals it’s time to think silhouettes and fabrics. Opt for more natural fabrics like linen or silk and try things with puff sleeves, ruffles, and longer skirts for a more romantic feel. 
  • Accessorize – Silk scarves, sunglasses, dainty jewelry, and tiny purses are the perfect accessories for your tomato girl summer aesthetic. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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5 Facts About the How to be a Redhead Brand

Learn More About the Brand

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If you’re an avid reader of How to be a Redhead articles or follow along on social media, you probably know quite a bit about the brand, its founders, and what it stands for. How to be a Redhead has been building an online community for over 10 years, but there are a few fun facts you might not know about the brand. 

1. Adrienne & Stephanie Are the Founders and They Are Sisters, Not Twins

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are the co-founders of How to be a Redhead. The two are also sisters! And no they aren’t twins, like everyone thinks. The two sisters are natural redheads who struggled to find beauty and fashion advice that catered to redheads.


2. The Brand Was Started in 2011 in Boston

Because of the struggle Adrienne and Stephanie faced, they had to learn the hard way through trial and error. Eventually, after mastering all the redhead tips and tricks, they knew they had to do something to help other redheads. How to be a Redhead was born in 2011 and hasn’t stopped growing since. 

3. How to be a Redhead Created National Love Your Red Hair Day

Adrienne and Stephanie took note of the ever-hateful “Kick a Ginger Day” and decided to combat that with a day that spread a positive message instead. November 5th was officially designated National Love Your Red Hair Day, and the 1st annual Love Your Red Hair Day was celebrated on the final Rock It Like a Redhead Beauty Tour stop in 2015.

4. How to be a Redhead is a Certified Woman-owned Business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

There are over 13 million women-owned businesses in the United States, making up around 42% of all businesses. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is “helping bridge that gap — through access to opportunities, programs that accelerate growth, and campaigns to influence consumer buying behaviors.” 

5. All How to be a Redhead Products are Clean and Safe for Sensitive Skin

Since the founding of How to be a Redhead 12+ years ago, the brand has become more than just an online community. With 7 unique products and more on the way, H2BAR is crafting products for redheads, by redheads. And since redheads have such sensitive skin, those products are always sensitive skin-safe, cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free among other things!

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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Should Redheads Get a Perm? Everything You Need To Know

Let's Talk Pros and Cons

Posted on

If you love having curls but have naturally straight or wavy hair, you might consider getting a perm. Before you make your salon appointment, let’s talk through what a perm is and all the pros and cons of having one so you can make the most informed decision for your red hair

What is a perm?

If you’re considering getting a perm, you probably already know what it is, but do you know how it works? Perms are done by using chemicals to change the texture of the hair. Traditionally perms were for tight curls, but over the years, the perm has evolved to include different size curls and even waves. A perm, short for “permanent wave,” is a chemical hair treatment that alters the structure of the hair to create curls or waves that last for a significant period of time. It involves applying a solution to the hair that breaks the bonds in the hair’s natural structure, then reshaping the hair using rods or rollers, and finally applying a neutralizer to reform the bonds in the new shape. This process gives the hair a permanent curl or wave pattern until it grows out or is cut.

How long does a perm last? 

As the name mentions, a perm is a permanent hairstyle which means that even after washing and styling, it will revert back to the curl pattern that was formed. The duration of a perm’s effects can vary depending on factors such as hair type, aftercare, and the specific type of perm used. On average, a perm can last around 2 to 6 months. As the treated hair grows out, the new hair at the roots will be straight, so there might be a noticeable difference between the treated hair and the new growth. The curls or waves gradually loosen over time as well. Proper hair care, including using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioning treatments, can help extend the life of a perm.

Is it damaging? 

Because a perm is done using harsh chemicals it is damaging to the hair. Yes, getting a perm can potentially damage your hair. The chemicals used in the perming process can weaken the hair’s structure by breaking and reforming its bonds. This can lead to dryness, frizz, and brittleness. Overprocessing, using incorrect products, or not following proper aftercare can exacerbate the damage. It’s important to consult with a professional hairstylist before getting a perm to understand the potential risks and to determine if your hair is in a suitable condition for the treatment. Taking good care of your hair post-perm can also help minimize damage and maintain its health.

How redhead should take care of their perm: 

If you’re not used to caring for curly hair, a perm can be a lot of upkeep. Curly hair gets tangled more easily, isn’t always as easy to style, and can get quite frizzy. Think about this before getting a perm, because you don’t want to get stuck with something you can’t manage. 

Taking care of a perm is important to maintain the health of your hair and the longevity of the curls or waves. Here are some tips:

1. Wait Before Washing: Avoid washing your hair for at least 24-48 hours after getting a perm. This allows the curls to set properly.

2. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Choose a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for curly or chemically treated hair. Sulfates can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause frizz.

3. Avoid Heat: Minimize the use of heated styling tools like straighteners and curling irons, as they can further damage the treated hair.

4. Moisturize: Use a leave-in conditioner or a hydrating hair mask regularly to keep your curls moisturized and prevent dryness.

5. Comb Gently: Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair gently. Avoid using fine-tooth combs that can disrupt the curl pattern.

6. Avoid Tight Hairstyles: Tight ponytails or updos can distort the perm’s shape. Opt for looser styles that don’t put too much strain on the curls.

7. Protect from Chlorine and Saltwater: Before swimming, wet your hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner to create a barrier between your hair and chlorine or saltwater.

8. Trim Regularly: Regular trims can help prevent split ends and maintain the health of your hair.

9. Avoid Over-Washing: Washing your hair too frequently can strip away natural oils and lead to dryness. Aim for washing 2-3 times a week.

10. Sleep on Silk: Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase can help reduce friction, which can lead to frizz.

11. Avoid Excessive Touching: Constantly touching and playing with your hair can cause the curls to become unruly and lose their shape.

12. Professional Advice: Consult your hairstylist for specific care recommendations based on your hair type and the type of perm you received.

Remember that each person’s hair is unique, so some experimentation might be needed to find the best care routine for your perm.

So, should you get a perm? 

If your hair can handle it, you really want it and you’re okay with the commitment, there’s no reason you can’t get a perm. Just be sure to talk to your stylist to make sure your hair is in good shape and determine which style of perm is right for you. Getting a perm is a big decision and not something to take lightly as it’s pretty impossible to undo once it’s set. 

Deciding whether to get a perm depends on various factors, including your hair type, current condition, and personal preferences. Here are some things to consider:

1. Hair Type: Perms tend to work best on hair that is not too fine or damaged. If your hair is already fragile or in poor condition, a perm could potentially worsen the damage.

2. Desired Look: Think about the type of curls or waves you want. Perms can create a range of curl sizes, so be clear about your expectations with your stylist.

3. Maintenance: Permed hair requires special care to maintain its health and shape. Consider whether you’re willing to commit to the necessary upkeep.

4. Longevity: As mentioned earlier, perms are not permanent. They will gradually grow out and lose their curl over time.

5. Consult a Professional: It’s highly recommended to consult a professional hairstylist before making a decision. They can assess your hair, discuss your goals, and advise you on whether a perm is suitable for you.

6. Temporary Options: If you’re unsure about committing to a permanent change, you might explore temporary methods like heat styling or curling techniques that don’t involve chemicals.

Remember that hair trends and preferences change over time. Taking your time to research, consult with experts, and consider your own preferences can help you make an informed decision that you’ll be happy with in the long run.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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Cowgirl Copper: The Fall 2023 Hair Color for Redheads ‘By Choice’

First it was Pumpkin Spice Red, now it's Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Copper

Posted on

Red hair continues to be the hottest trending hair color and just when we thought it was dying down, TikTok brings it back with a new shade for fall.  It’s called “cowboy copper” and the color gets its name from the rich, almost leather-colored tone of a brownish red. People have also been renaming it “Cowgirl Copper” for a more feminine twist.

While this shade works for anyone, it’s mostly tailored to brunettes who want to go copper. But, it could also work for natural redheads who want to darken things up for the fall season without losing their natural undertones. 

Scroll below to see videos of the “cowboy copper” color, maintenance tips (if you’re taking the cowboy-plunge) and keep reading to find out what redheads are saying about this.

Here are some TikTok videos showing off the new fall shade:


Did someone say cowboy copper???🤠 #cowboycopper #cowboybrown #cowboycopperhair

♬ original sound – user376952973640


Cowgirl copper 🤠 #copperhair #cowgirlcoppertrend #redhair #hairtok

♬ What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] – Billie Eilish


Idk why its called cowgirl copper but im not mad about it 🤠 #cowgirlcopper #cowgirlcoppertrend #cowgirlcopperhair #hairtransition #hairtransformation

♬ original sound – jovynn – jovynn

Cowboy Copper maintenance

Cowboy Copper does take some maintenance like any other red hair color. Here is a TikTok video showing the process:


Cowgirl Copper will be the biggest fall hair trend this year! While it may be absolutely stunning, knowledge is power and it may not be the right color to choose for everyone. #hairtok #michiganhairstylist #hairstylistsoftiktok #cowboycopperhair #copperhaircolor #copperhair #fallhairtrends #fallhaircolor #copperbalayage #cowgirlcopper #cowgirlcoppertrend #cowgirlcopperhairtrend #fallhairinspo #michiganhairsalon #michiganhairdresser #michigancolorspecialist #michigan #brightonmichiganhairstylist #cosmetologist #cosmetology #copperhairinspo

♬ original sound – bucky 🐸


How natural redheads feel about this:

With red hair trending there are always differing opinions. On one hand, it’s nice to be on top of the trend and have our hair color be popular. On the other hand? It’s hard to see something many redheads have been bullied for become a trend. Want to know what some redheads on TikTok feel about this new trending color? Well, some of them are sharing their thoughts:


nothing but love for the faux redheads as well 😙 #redhead

♬ original sound – CocoDevile


Yall im sorry but that filter makes me feel a type of way 😆 #naturalredhair #fyp #fypシ #moms #cowboycopper

♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat


👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰 #cowboycopper #redheads #redhair #blueeyes #redheadsdoitbest

♬ original sound – Chantal


Natural ginger 👩🏻‍🦰 #cowboycopper #cowboycopperhair #naturalredhead #redhead #redhair #naturalgirly #browneyes #girlswithbrowneyes #corgi #corgisoftiktok #corgimom #ginger #redheads

♬ Natural Emotions – Muspace Lofi

What are your thoughts about this new red hair color? Rock it like a Redhead! 


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Redheads: Hear About Our Love For Konjac Sponges

Adrienne Shares Her Beauty Secret

Posted on

Adrienne, our co-founder, has a beauty tool she loves, and you may not have heard of. Konjac sponges are made from the roots of the konjac plant, which is a root vegetable that’s native to Asia. The plant itself is great at absorbing water and is perfect for a face sponge.

Since this isn’t a super common beauty tool in the US, we wanted to ask Adrienne all about why she loves them, how she uses them, and which ones she recommends for other redheads with sensitive skin. Here’s what she had to say:

H2BAR: What’s so special about konjac sponges for redhead skin?

Adrienne: I love them because they act as a gentle, cleansing exfoliator, helping the flawless, beautiful skin hidden beneath that top layer of grime and buildup to shine through. The konjac plant’s natural fibers are pros at absorbing tons of water and feel like a squishy piece of thick, rubbery felt. The konjac plant is also full of vitamins + ideal for unclogging pores and is especially useful for people with acne-prone skin, too.

H2BAR: Why did you start using konjac sponges?

Adrienne: The konjac sponge, we hear, was first used by a Japanese farmer to wash baby skin, since the sponge is so soft, gentle, and all-natural. Since redheads have super sensitive skin, we always say if it’s good for a baby, it’s gentle enough for a redhead. This has actually led us to include baby products (that are also good for redheads) in the H2BAR Boxes about 1-2 times per year. 

H2BAR: What’s your favorite way to use the sponges?

Adrienne: Essentially, the konjac sponge provides a buffing action and makes your skin look radiant by cleaning it with nothing but water. It’s true. Whenever I am traveling, if I forget a cleanser, I don’t fret because I have the sponge. BUT, I do usually use it together with cleanser. Important to note: I switch up the sponges every week. If you don’t switch it out, the sponge begins to dissolve within 2-3 weeks after daily use.

H2BAR: Which sponges do you use, and recommend for other redheads with sensitive skin?

Adrienne: I use the myHomeBody Natural Konjac Facial Sponges with Activated Charcoal and Aloe Vera. This set comes with two different versions, one with charcoal that is said to help with acne and one with aloe vera. I love my konjac sponges!

myHomeBody Natural Konjac Facial Sponges with Activated Charcoal and Aloe Vera: $20

Rock it like a Redhead!


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Strawberry Girl Makeup Trend: Is It Just Redhead Makeup?

Hmm...That Looks Familiar

Posted on

Hailey Beiber has been the “it girl” trendsetter on social media for the past few years — from “glazed donut” nails to her newest look “strawberry makeup”. The strawberry trend has garnered over 23 million views on TikTok and the hashtag has over 13 million views alone.

To break it down, the Rhode founder, starts off with skincare and brows, and hops right in with cream bronzer, concealer, blush, and highlighter. She applies bronzer to her lids and adds in some freckles and liquid eyeliner. She finishes off the look with mascara and some lip color. 

As the name suggests, the trend is all about pink and red hues. It’s also delicate, dewy, soft and blush-forward — appearing as though you’d smudged a ripe strawberry onto the apples of your cheeks or spent your day frolicking through a berry field. You might be wondering, what in the world makes this routine special? Well, really…nothing. The big takeaway from this look is she’s skipping the foundation and *adding* freckles.

For lots of redheads, this makeup routine is super familiar. This routine (or some modified version) is what lots of redheads do on a daily basis. 

Watch Bieber’s viral “strawberry makeup” video:


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

See other redheads rocking “strawberry makeup”:


strawberry girl🍓 #strawberrymakeup #freckles #welovecoco

♬ bad idea right? – Olivia Rodrigo


Strawberry Makeup on my freckle complexion. ✨👩🏻‍🦰🍓 #strawberrymakeup #straberryshortcake #freckle #gingermakeup #redheadmakeup

♬ Speed Drive (From Barbie The Album) – Charli XCX


not this being my everyday makeup already #strawberrymakeup #makeuptrend

♬ august sped up – r & m <33


its just what looks the best on us I think??? ✨🍓 #strawberrymakeup #strawberrygirl #fyp

♬ mirrorball x about you – jay


Strawbery makeup is trending but this is just my everyday as a redhead 🍓🫶🏼 #strawberry #strawberrymakeup🍓 #strawberrymakeup #redhead #gingerhair #redheadmakeup #haileybieber #foryoupage

♬ just the way things go – marz✿:*・✩


I love it 🧡 #strawberrymakeup #redheadmakeup #summermakeuplook #modelcanada

♬ AIME MOI – Speed Up – kobzx2z

Our take on the trend: 

We think this is another situation when redheads, and redhead makeup, is on trend. Is it here to stay? We shall see. But, we’re enjoying watching millions of influencers/TikTokers celebrate makeup influenced by all of us redheads.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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What’s So Special About Finally Have Brows?

SPOILER: Details about the new product dropping soon is in this article!

Posted on

“You have no eyebrows”

This is a common phrase most redheads have heard over and over throughout their lives. For some reason, when the universe was blessing us with the redhead gene, they forgot to bless us with eyebrow pigment. Most redheads have super light blonde brows, and if you are a lucky redhead with darker brows, consider yourself blessed.

Brow pencils and brow gels have been around for a long time, but for most of those years, the shades did not cater to redheads. Brow products were always too dark or too cool-toned. Most redheads had to resort to using the wrong shade, using things like eyeshadow or bronzer, or skipping it altogether to embrace being “browless”. That’s a word, right? 

That’s why we invented Finally Have Brows®. Redheads can finally have brow products meant for them! We started off with the Finally Have Brows Longwearing Eyebrow Gel and it’s still our bestselling product. Since its release, the product has gone viral on social media and we’ve added Finally Have Brows Volumizing + Finally Have Brows Ultra Fine pencil to the line. 

All three products come in a Universal Red shade, making them perfect for all shades of red hair. All the Finally Have Brows® products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan, and made in the USA. Since they are made specifically for redheads, they are formulated to be safe on sensitive skin, which is super common among the natural redhead community. 

Learn more about Finally Have Brows:

For the perfect brows, use the Ultra Fine Redhead Brow Pencil’s automatic liner with a built-in grooming brush to fill in brows. Then, use the Volumizing to tint, condition and fluff. Lastly, use the Longwearing to tint, tame and lock. Get ready for fluffy, full, and always natural-looking redhead brows.


Read the Finally Have Brows reviews: 

Redheads everywhere are raving about Finally Have Brows® with hundreds of 5-star reviews! If you haven’t tried it for yourself, stop waiting, it’s worth it. 

Great Product!

“I love that it is long wearing and my eyebrows look natural. It is really quick and easy to apply, which I love. I have lighter red hair and it has been such a challenge to find the right product…until now!” – Jessie

The perfect color!

“It’s so hard to find an auburn color that isn’t too dark or brown and this color is perfect! It warms up my skin tone and makes my brows look so natural. Love it!” – G.B.


“High-quality product, very natural color. Helps make my brows stand out while still staying true to my red coloring. Love it and would recommend it to any redhead!!” – Sarah

Such a timesaver!

“I am a high school teacher, and I’ve always struggled with my eyebrows taking the most time out of my morning routine (because no products work right!!!), so when I finally tried this brow gel I seriously fell in love. I just purchased my third bottle!” – J.S.

Looking for more redhead products? Grab yourself the complete kit:

Check out our H2BAR Complete 7 Product Redhead Kit! Finding products for red hair and sensitive redhead skin can be super hard, and we want redheads to quit settling and FINALLY have products made for them. Because we know redheads love this collection of products, we’re offering a bundle where you can get everything in the H2BAR “Finally” line.

Shop the Complete 7 Product Kit: Finally Glossy®, Finally Have Brows® + Finally Have Lashes®

What’s next for Finally Have Brows? 

SPOILER ALERT! Dropping this fall: Finally Have Brows Clear Brow Gel. It’s best for redheads who want to embrace their natural brow color but desire a fuller/more even look. Tip: This product can be also be applied after using Finally Have Brows gels or pencil in Universal Red. Coming soon!

We’re so excited to share more with you soon. In the meantime, Rock it like a Redhead! 


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Top 8 Beauty Tips For Redheads As We Transition from Summer to Fall

What's Your Top Beauty Tip?

Posted on

After a decade (plus more) of running a beauty brand, our team has learned a thing or two. We love sharing our tips and tricks with you so you can expand your redhead beauty knowledge. Want to know our top beauty tips as we transition from summer to fall? Keep reading, and let us know what your top beauty tip is. 

Tip 1 – Wear sunscreen:

There’s a lot of misinformation out there on the internet regarding sunscreen. But all the professional research shows that its crucial for your skin, especially for redheads. Redheads should wear sunscreen every day (and every season) because their skin is more susceptible to sunburn and damage from UV radiation. The high concentration of melanin in red hair provides less protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Regular sunscreen use helps prevent sunburn, skin aging, and reduces the risk of skin cancer. So wear it.. and wear it every day. Your redhead skin will thank you. 

Tip 2 – Try a liquid highlighter:  

If you’re someone who has always used powder highlight, try out a liquid one. It’ll give you a dewy look this autumn, and is buildable so you can find the perfect amount of shine. It also blends better with your other cream products so you won’t get that harsh highlight line that often comes with powder. 

To use a liquid highlighter, begin with clean, moisturized skin and shake the product well to mix it. Choose where you want to apply the highlighter, like cheekbones, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, or inner corners of your eyes. Dispense a small amount and apply it using your fingertips, a beauty sponge, or a makeup brush. Blend it in by tapping or sweeping gently, ensuring a seamless finish. You can layer the highlighter for a more intense glow. If desired, set it with translucent setting powder. Remember, a little goes a long way with liquid highlighters, so start subtle and build up as needed for a natural and luminous look.

Tip 3 – Self tanner can be your friend:

Most redheads don’t tan naturally and if you do, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk of skin cancer. But sometimes you need a little faux glow when the weather starts to cool down. Mystic Tan’s Sunless Tanner has been a favorite of ours this month. We loved it so much that we included it in the Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box!

Tip 4 – Apply a body serum 20 minutes before bed for ultimate relaxation:

We love L’Beauxtique Evening Body Serum, which was also featured in the Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box. Apply to arms, chest, and neck and ease into relaxation before bedtime. 

Body serums offer a range of benefits for the skin, making them a valuable addition to skincare routines. These lightweight, quickly absorbing formulations are designed to provide targeted care for the body. They excel in hydration, often containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin to lock in moisture. Additionally, body serums are enriched with nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical extracts that enhance skin texture and appearance. Some serums can even brighten skin tone, firm and tighten areas prone to sagging, and address concerns such as stretch marks and scars. Their fast absorption and compatibility with body lotions make them versatile products to promote healthier, more radiant skin from head to toe.

L'Beauxtique Evening Body Serum: $55

Tip 5 – Add a tinted SPF to your routine:

Sun protection, an even skin tone, and hydration? Yes, please! Elta MD on a favorite brand of ours for years but we’re just lovin’ it even more this month and have been using their tinted SPF products non-stop. 

EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Face Sunscreen

EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Face Sunscreen: $41

Tip 6 – Drink water:

Make sure you’re drinking lots and lots of water. Not drinking enough water can be the root cause of so many issues that you don’t want to deal with. Make sure you’re drinking the recommended amount for your body weight and activity level. 

The general recommendation for daily water intake is around 8 glasses, which is about 2 liters or half a gallon. However, individual hydration needs can vary based on factors like age, activity level, climate, and overall health. Listening to your body’s thirst cues and drinking water when you’re thirsty is usually a good indicator of your hydration needs. Additionally, consuming water-rich foods and adjusting your intake based on factors like exercise and weather conditions can help ensure you’re staying adequately hydrated.

Tip 7 – Cool things down:

Put your skin tools, eye cream, eye masks, and moisturizer in the fridge! It’s a game-changer, especially on a hot day, after a workout, or after a hot shower. Storing skincare products and tools in the fridge can yield multiple benefits. This practice extends the shelf life of products, particularly those with natural ingredients, by slowing bacterial growth and ingredient breakdown. Cold skincare items offer a soothing, calming sensation upon application, effectively reducing redness and irritation. The chilled temperatures also constrict blood vessels, enhancing the effectiveness of products designed to combat issues like inflammation, acne, and puffiness. 

Tip 8 – Have fun:

Less of a tip and more of a life motto. Have fun with your redhead makeup and beauty items this fall. Beauty is a form of self-expression, so play with a fun nail color, try that new eyeshadow, or rock a bold lip. You look amazing. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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What is a Hair Gloss? Hint: It May Save You Time & Money

..And the result is vibrant red hair!

Posted on

If you’re looking to elevate the look of your red hair, enhance your color or add more shine, you’ve probably heard of hair glosses. A hair gloss is a hair treatment that adds shine, enhances color, and improves the overall look and feel of the hair. It’s usually a semi-permanent, ammonia-free formula that coats the hair shaft with a sheer tint of color or a clear gloss. Hair gloss treatments can help to smooth the hair cuticle, reduce frizz, and temporarily enhance the vibrancy of hair color. They’re often used to refresh dull hair, add dimension to hair color, and improve hair’s texture and shine.

A hair gloss can be done professionally or in some cases at home and adds shine and a subtle hint of color. Hair glosses add richness and depth to the hair without permanently altering the color — a big deal in the redhead community. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Salon hair gloss (recommended) 

A salon hair gloss for redheads is a treatment that enhances and refreshes the color of red hair. It adds shine, depth, and vibrancy to the hair while also helping to neutralize any unwanted tones that may have developed over time. It’s a semi-permanent treatment that can be done at a salon to maintain and revitalize the red tones in the hair. This is one of the best ways to get a hair gloss because your stylist will be able to choose the perfect color and formula for your hair.

2. At-home hair glosses 

Doing a gloss at home saves time and money, but you are gambling a bit on how it will turn out. The good thing is (unlike a box dye) you really can’t mess a gloss up too much and if you do, it’s temporary. If you stick to a gloss that is close to your natural color and follow the instructions you can absolutely do it at home. 

An at-home hair gloss usually comes in the form of a conditioning treatment or a rinse that you apply after shampooing your hair. These products help to add shine, vibrancy, and depth to your red hair, and they can also help neutralize any unwanted tones that may have faded or changed over time. Keep in mind that results may vary based on the specific product you choose and your hair’s individual characteristics.

Using an at-home hair gloss is generally straightforward. Here’s a basic guide to help you:

1. Shampoo: Start by washing your hair with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. This will help to clean your hair and prepare it for the gloss treatment.

2. Towel Dry: Gently towel dry your hair to remove excess water. Your hair should be damp, not dripping wet.

3. Gloves: Put on a pair of disposable gloves to protect your hands from staining.

4. Apply Gloss: Follow the instructions on the at-home hair gloss product. Generally, you’ll apply the gloss evenly from roots to ends, making sure to saturate your hair thoroughly. Use a comb or your fingers to distribute the product evenly.

5. Wait: Depending on the product, you’ll need to leave the gloss on your hair for a specific amount of time, usually around 10-20 minutes. Check the instructions for the exact time.

6. Rinse: After the waiting time is up, rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water until the water runs clear. Avoid using shampoo at this point.

7. Condition: Some products might come with a corresponding conditioner to use after rinsing. If provided, follow the instructions and apply the conditioner as directed.

8. Dry and Style: Gently pat your hair dry with a towel and then proceed to style your hair as usual.

Remember that results may vary depending on your hair’s condition and the specific product you’re using. It’s a good idea to do a patch test first to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions to the product. If you have specific questions about the at-home hair gloss product you’ve chosen, refer to its packaging or reach out to the manufacturer for guidance.

3. Is a hair gloss dye, though? 

Although we answered this above, we know natural redheads will really want to know this? So, we’re going to dig in a little deeper.

While a hair gloss, unless clear, will add a hint of color. It’s not the same as hair dye. The biggest difference is the ingredients and the way it’s created. Hair glosses aren’t going to lift any of your existing color and won’t fully change the color of your hair. It will add a hint of color and is often used to just enhance the color you already have natural or not. Hair glosses are also not permanent, and will only last about a month or two. Here are some differences between hair gloss + hair dye: 

Hair Gloss:

  • Hair gloss is a semi-permanent treatment that adds shine, depth, and vibrancy to your hair.
  • It doesn’t contain strong chemicals like ammonia or peroxide, which are commonly found in permanent hair dyes.
  • Hair gloss can enhance your natural hair color, refresh faded tones, and help neutralize unwanted brassy or dull shades.
  • It typically doesn’t drastically change your hair color; instead, it enhances and enhances your existing color.

Hair Dye:

  • Hair dye, also known as hair color or hair dye, uses chemical reactions to permanently alter the color of your hair.
  • Permanent hair dyes usually contain ammonia and/or peroxide to open the hair cuticle and deposit color molecules deep inside the hair shaft.
  • Hair dye can completely change your hair color, covering grays or lightening/darkening your hair.
  • Unlike hair gloss, hair dye is more long-lasting and requires root touch-ups as your hair grows.

In summary, while both hair gloss and hair dye can alter your hair’s color, hair gloss is a milder, semi-permanent treatment primarily focused on enhancing and refreshing your hair’s appearance, whereas hair dye is a stronger and longer-lasting option for making significant color changes.

Will a hair gloss damage your red hair?

No! Hair gloss is free of things like bleach and ammonia so it won’t damage your hair. It will add shine, enhance the color and help to seal the cuticle which can actually prevent split ends from getting worse.

However, while hair gloss is generally gentler, it’s still important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Allergies and Sensitivities: Even though hair gloss products tend to be milder, some individuals may still have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. It’s a good idea to do a patch test before using any new hair product, including hair gloss.
  • Product Variability: The effects of hair gloss can vary based on the specific product you use, your hair’s condition, and your natural hair color. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consider consulting a professional if you’re unsure.
  • Frequency: Using hair gloss too frequently might lead to build-up on the hair, affecting its appearance and manageability. Follow the recommended usage guidelines.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to enhance and refresh your hair color without the potential damage associated with traditional hair dyes, hair gloss could be a suitable option.

Hair Gloss vs Finally Glossy:

Contrary to what some redheads may think, our signature shampoo Finally Glossy is not a hair gloss treatment! It’s a glossy shampoo that adds shine, hydration, and nourishment to red hair but is non-color depositing and won’t edit the color of your hair. 

Finally Glossy® is a special shampoo to help strengthen, shine, and add hydration to red hair. This clean formula is formulated with Vitamin B3, olive oil, coconut oil, and green tea. This is NOT a color-depositing shampoo. It is red because we want it to feel satisfying when applying. It’s just for appearance and will not edit your red hair. It is suitable for frequent washes and for ALL shades of red hair. Are you ready to add a natural radiance to your red hair?

Finally Glossy® Shine & Luminosity Shampoo for Redheads

Finally Glossy Shampoo: $27

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PSA: A Redhead Can Be Born To Two Dark-Haired Parents

Redheads make up only 1-2% of the population, but there’s a larger percentage of people that carry the redhead gene

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We’re here for a PSA: parents don’t have to be redheads for their kids to have vibrant red locks!

Red hair genetics are fascinating which is why we frequently cover it in posts such as “The MC1R gene: what is it?“, “Would you dig deep to know more about your redhead genetics?” and “Is it possible to have red hair gene if you’re not born with it?

One of our most popular articles titled, “IG Influencer Sets Example: Redhead Kids Don’t Always Have Redhead Parents“. In the article, Jessica Enslow, an influencer, has redheaded children and her and her husband are brunettes. Her IG and TikTok posts are flooded with comments like, “Is the neighbor ginger?”, “You are not the father” and “Wait, but actually how..?” People seem floored that these two non-redhead parents could have redhead kids.

redhead kids

The inheritance of hair color is influenced by multiple genes, not just those possessed by the parents themselves. Even if neither parent has red hair, they may carry recessive genes for red hair, which can be passed down to their children. If both parents carry these recessive genes, there’s a chance their child could inherit red hair, even though it may not be immediately apparent in the parents’ appearances.

Let’s take another example — Taylor Selfridge. She is known for her appearance on shows, Are You The One, Teen Mom, and The Challenge. She welcomed a new addition to her family last year, a baby girl named Maya. And guess what? She’s a redhead. The photos had fans in the comments asking, “Wait! Where did the red hair come from?!”

But Selfridge had one answer…genetics“It’s called genetics,” Selfridge in an Instagram story. “Sorry if you can’t understand, but I’ll be blocking anyone else that’s rude about her hair. It’s honestly crazy how many ignorant comments I’ve gotten over her damn hair color.”

Selfridge also shared photos of her brother, mother-in-law, and great-grandmother who all had red hair; what people fail to remember is that even though redheads make up only 1-2% of the population, there’s a much larger percentage of people that carry the redhead gene. Red hair comes from a recessive gene and can be carried for generations before it emerges. And, this is for another conversation, but this is exactly why red hair is not going extinct.

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The 5 Best Matching Sets for Redheads

All available on Amazon

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Matching sets are so trendy right now, and we love the affordable options from Amazon. Matching sets are great because you can throw them on for an effortlessly chic look, or mix and match the two pieces with other things you already have in your closet. From loungewear to streetwear, here are five of the cutest matching sets we’ve found on Amazon, look great with our red hair, and we are loving for the end of summer/beginning of fall:

1. AUTOMET Womens 2-Piece Matching Linen Style Shorts and Cropped Tank Set

This linen-style tank and shorts set is so cute for the last few warm days of summer or your fall vacation! Pair it with your favorite sandals and you’re out the door. Available in over 25 colors and sizes S-XL

AUTOMET Womens 2-Piece Matching Linen Style Shorts and Cropped Tank Set: $37

2. WDIRARA Women’s 2-Piece Ribbed Short Sleeve Drop Shoulder Tee and Shorts Set

Ribbed loungewear is so cute and comfy. These long shorts and drop-shoulder tee are perfect for working from home, or just chilling! Available in over 60 colors and sizes XXS-3XL

WDIRARA Women's 2-Piece Ribbed Short Sleeve Drop Shoulder Tee and Shorts Set: $33

3. Ekouaer Women’s V-Neck Lounge Button-Down Shirt and Shorts Set

We love this set as a beach cover-up or for daily wear. Pair the button-down with jeans for a more dressed-up look, or add a simple tank to the shorts for a casual outfit. Available in over 10 colors and sizes S-XXL

Ekouaer Women's V-Neck Lounge Button-Down Shirt and Shorts Set: $40

4. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s 2-Piece Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Top And Long Pants Set 

How cute is this matching set for running errands or lounging around the house? Available in over 25 colors and sizes S-3XL

PRETTYGARDEN Women's 2-Piece Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Top And Long Pants Set: $40

5. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s 2-Piece Long Sleeve Turtleneck Ribbed Top And Midi Skirt Dress Set

This super cute, lightweight long-sleeve top and skirt combo is perfect for the early days of fall. Available in over 10 colors and sizes S-XL

PRETTYGARDEN Women's 2-Piece Long Sleeve Turtleneck Ribbed Top And Midi Skirt Dress Set: $40

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Faux Freckles Are Still The Hot Trend But It’s Going A Step Further This Time

Let's find out about this cosmetic tattooing process + tips if you want to get it done

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Freckles, the thing redheads have been made fun of for decades, are on trend (still) and everyone wants them. And it feels like you can’t watch a makeup tutorial these days without seeing someone applying freckle tattoos with a freckle pen or another form of freckle makeup.

Redheads have mixed feelings because it allows us to embrace our own freckles a little more, but feels a little too late. Many of us were bullied for our freckles and now everyone wants to paint them on. Something feels wrong. But, we can’t put all redheads in a box. Not all of us have a face-full of freckles, and some natural redheads are actually wanting to add freckles to their face. Many are now committing way beyond just freckle makeup — they are actually inking themselves with real semipermanent freckle tattoos, and they are quite popular. 

Why are people getting semipermanent freckles?

Freckle tattoos, also known as “freckle microblading” or “freckling,” involve a cosmetic tattooing process. For those who are interested in a semipermanent freckle, they can be tattooed on the face by a professional using the same pigment used in eyebrow microblading. Freckle tattoos started about 5 years ago, but are now gaining in popularity. 

When done correctly, the freckles look light and airy, and natural on the skin. Since the ink is semi-permanent, it will fade naturally over time. Although the end results may look effortless, healing and aftercare can be an interesting journey. 

What can you expect if you want to get this done?

After researching skilled tattoo artists and scheduling a consultation, the procedure begins with cleansing and preparing the skin. Using a fine tattoo needle, the artist applies pigment in small dots resembling natural freckles, considering factors like your skin tone and desired freckle size. Layering techniques might be used for a realistic look. Following the procedure, proper healing and aftercare are crucial, including avoiding moisture and picking at scabs. Touch-up sessions may be needed for optimal results. Keep in mind that the initial freckle color may seem dark, but it should lighten as it heals. Results typically last one to three years, depending on various factors. Always choose a reputable artist for a safe and satisfying experience.

Why are people getting this done? 

Freckle tattoos can offer several benefits, including:

1. Enhanced Appearance: Freckle tattoos can add a natural and youthful appearance to the skin, creating a sun-kissed and fresh look.

2. Customization: You can choose the size, color, and placement of the freckles, allowing you to achieve a personalized and unique look.

3. Semi-Permanent: Freckle tattoos are typically semi-permanent, lasting a couple of years. This provides the option to change or adjust your freckles as your preferences evolve.

4. Convenience: With freckle tattoos, you won’t need to apply makeup daily to achieve the desired freckled look.

5. Consistency: Freckle tattoos can ensure that your freckles appear consistent, without fading or smudging throughout the day.

6. Camouflage: Some people use freckle tattoos to camouflage blemishes, scars, or uneven skin tones.

Remember, while freckle tattoos have their benefits, they also require careful consideration and research. Make sure to consult with a professional tattoo artist to discuss your options and expectations before proceeding.

Deciding whether to get freckle tattoos is a personal choice. Consider factors like your natural complexion, desired look, and long-term commitment. It might help to consult with a professional tattoo artist, discuss your expectations, and even try temporary freckle makeup before making a decision.

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