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4 Ways To Add More Redhead Content To Your Life

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We live for redhead content, redhead media, and new ways to connect with our amazing H2BAR redhead community. We know you love connecting too, and that’s why we want to share a few awesome ways you can get more H2BAR in your life. Some you may know, some you may have forgot and some you might have missed. Here are ways to add more redhead content to your life: 

1. We were on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

That’s right! Your favorite redhead brand was on Shark Tank. Our co-founders, Adrienne + Stephanie, went on the show looking to make a deal and they did just that. We’re excited to bring you even more redhead products, advice, and redhead representation. Our episode aired on Friday, February 16th on ABC. You can still watch the episode on Hulu and Disney+ to see how things went down: 

2. There’s the H2BAR podcast

If you want more redhead conversations, check out the How to be a Redhead Podcastwherever you listen to podcasts. Adrienne and Stephanie talk to redheads, redhead experts, and experts in redhead-related fields. It’s informative, fun, and the perfect way to get a little more redhead in your life. Season 6 is coming this summer, but you can catch up on the past 5 seasons while you wait. 

3. We’re active on all social channels 

If you haven’t already connected with H2BAR on social come join us! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Threads, YouTube and TikTok @howtobearedhead sharing redhead content, product reviews, sneak peeks and so much more. It’s the best place to connect with the brand and with other redheads who are having experiences just like you! We even have an Ask a Redhead segment where you can get your redhead questions answered by our team.

4. Check out the “How to be a Redhead” book

“How to be a Redhead” (the book) is packed full of all the inspiration and advice a redhead could ever want. With this must-have book, you’ll learn to rock your red hair with confidence, grace, and glowing beauty. With celebrity commentary, it’s a timeless book for all redheads and a great addition to your home. Published in 2016, it can be purchased on Amazon or directly on

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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