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Top Summer Redhead Makeup Problems + How to Address Them

Flawless makeup tips are here, redheads!

When the weather gets hotter, our redhead makeup can struggle to stay on our skin. This is caused by the heat, oils in our skin, and sweat. Here are a few ways to keep your redhead makeup looking flawless all day long, even in the summer heat. 

Problem: Melting & creasing

Fix: If you notice your makeup is quite literally melting off your face it’s probably because it doesn’t have a good base to grip to. Primer is essential during the summer months and can help your makeup stay all day long. Opt for a primer with an SPF to keep your face prepped and protected. 

In addition to primer, it’s important to set your makeup to avoid creasing. A combination of setting powder and a setting spray mist will help your makeup hold on no matter the weather. 

Listen to Season 3, Episode 11 of the How to be a Redhead podcast! Jane Levy’s makeup artist talks about how to combat creasing:

Problem: Sunburnt skin

Fix: Ever notice your skin turning pink under your makeup? That’s because you can still get sunburnt through your makeup if there’s no SPF! It’s important to use a facial SPF and makeup with SPF in it to keep your complexion looking nice and even.

Even your lips can get sunburnt, so be sure to wear a lip balm with SPF under your lipstick. 

Problem: Runny mascara & eyeliner

Sweat and oils from the skin can cause your mascara to run. Opt for waterproof mascara or even false brown lashes to keep everything locked in place. Pick a super stay eyeliner and avoid eyeliner under the lower lash line during the hotter months. 

Problem: Mismatched foundation

As redheads, we don’t usually get much of a tan in the summertime, but we may see our skin becoming just a shade or two darker. If you have a slight tan or have opted for a faux tan, you will probably notice your foundation doesn’t match your skin as flawlessly as it used to. 

If you don’t want to purchase all new foundation for the summer months, try buying a sample or travel size a few shades darker and mixing your own shade for summer. 

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

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