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Is Ed Sheeran Launching a Redhead Sunscreen?

This Pairs Perfectly With His Song Sunburn

Rumor has it that mega music sensation Ed Sheeran may be launching his own line of sunscreen for redheads! A natural redhead himself, Sheeran has hinted in several interviews that a sunscreen line with SPF 70 may be in the works. It seems the product would just be a fun thing for fans but mainly targeted towards those with fair skin and ginger hair, like Sheeran. 

Appearing on the Peter Crouch podcast, Ed explained that his fair complexion would be great for the marketing and detailing the idea of his face on the packaging. And, the singer has previously said,  “thank god for factor 50” via Instagram.

This hasn’t been confirmed, but it wouldn’t surprise us since he does already have a number of other businesses like a pub, art sales, and a management company. This is exciting news for redheads because who better to develop a product like a sunscreen than those who need it most? We assume Sheeran will partner with a dermatologist and a host of other skincare developers should this product be in the works. 

All updates will be dropped here when we know more.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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