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Ed Sheeran Says ‘South Park’ Episode That Made Fun of People With Red Hair ‘Ruined My Life’

This 2005 episode was hard for many redheads.

Ed Sheeran is a fan of South Park and would even love to voice a character one day. But, one episode put a bad taste in his mouth.

If you’re a natural redhead, specifically a millennial natural redhead, chances are you vividly remember the effect of the 2005 episode of South Park titled Ginger Kids. The singer-songwriter opened up to Slam Radio about the show, explaining that the episode negatively impacted his experience in the U.S. The South Park episode made fun of redheads, claiming they had “no souls”. This phrase became widely used and there was an increase in the nickname “ginger” being used negatively for redheads. 

Sheeran explained that no-one in the United States thought to mock his hair color until the episode of South Park was released. “Having red hair in England was always a thing that people took the p*** out of you for,” the singer-songwrite told Slam Radio, adding, “But it was never something in America. People never knew what a ginger was in America.”

The episode arguably opened the flood-gates for negative comments and bullying. “That episode of South Park f***ing ruined my life,” he continued. “I was going to America and everyone was like ’I love your hair dude.’ And I was like ‘Oh my God, people like my hair?’ And then I remember that episode coming out and that was just it worldwide for the rest of my life.”

If you’re a natural redhead who’s seen the show, has it had a negative impact on you?

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Watch the full Ed Sheeran episode here: 

South Park conversation starts at minute 2:32:

Note: The H2BAR editing team has chosen not to embed the South Park “Ginger Kids” episode into this post. The purpose of is to spread positivity about red hair and the particular episode does the opposite. We thank you for understanding. 

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