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Ok, There’s Beyonce’s Renaissance, But What About The Redhead Renaissance?

Our time is here.

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You might have heard about Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. Economists are saying her tour is boosting the economies of each city she brings her concert to — which is one reason she may be on her ninth concert tour since the start of her career.

Like any real Renaissance movement, Beyonce’s Renaissance tour contains themes of escapism, self-assurance, self-expression, hedonism and pleasure. It comes during a time in American culture (post “Me Too” movement) that people are embracing who they are and confidence is encouraged — no matter your weight, size, style, personality, or hair color. Many are calling this the “body positivity” movement and we’re here for it.

As redheads, we have felt an incredible boost in mainstream culture. It is “super trendy” and “super cool” to be a redhead now. The acceptance of red hair in culture has evolved over time and can be attributed to an acceptance of a broader understanding of beauty. With the growing appreciation for individuality and uniqueness, we have seen popular culture and media play a role in highlighting the beauty of red hair through representation in movies, TV shows, and fashion.

In a Vice article, author Kemi Alemoru talks candidly about bullying redheads herself. The article kicks off with something natural redheads know too well, a laundry list of ways redheads have been the butt of the joke. Alemoru admits she was part of the problem, making a journal entry at the age of 12 that said, “Hey…at least I’m not a ginger”. As a Black woman, Alemoru knows all too well what it’s like to not fit the “American beauty standard” of being blonde with the perfect tan. Now, she herself went red and Alemoru properly titled her piece, “Welcome to the Redhead Renaissance.” 

“There are many great gingers who’ve seriously contributed to popular culture: Elton John, the Weasleys, Chuckie from Rugrats, that guy from Simply Red. I’m honoured to sit in such good company,” Alemoru writes.

We don’t blame Alemoru for what she wrote in her diary all those years ago. It wasn’t cool to be a redhead like it is now, and we’re forever thankful for the change in society. From celebrities to beauty queens (we’re looking at you, Jessica Gagen) natural redheads are being touted for their gorgeous hair, and everyone is jumping on board. 

We think this is just the start of the “Redhead Renaissance” and we’re excited to have been here championing this since 2012. Let’s continue to Rock it like a Redhead! 


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