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Ask a Redhead: How Can I Be Confident + Love My Red Hair?

We believe being a redhead is all about loving your red hair, being confident and helping the younger redhead community to embrace their red hair journey, too.

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Every week, we put out a call for your redhead questions. This gives you a chance to get advice or input from our team of redheads. From beauty and fashion to lifestyle, redheads are in a unique boat, and we want to help make this community a place where you can turn to for all your redhead needs. 

A common topic we get questions about is how to gain more redhead confidence. We believe being a redhead is all about loving your red hair, being confident and helping the younger redhead community to embrace their red hair journey, too. Confidence is one of our favorite topics at How to be a Redhead — and a reason we have dedicated an entire section of our website to this — so let’s dive in!

If you ask any redhead on the street about their redhead experience, you’ll notice there’s one thing in common: it’s a journey. For some redheads, it’s an easy road and a no-brainer. For some, it’s harder. And for many redheads, it’s still a work in progress. We, unfortunately, live in a world where things that fall into the “other” category are often seen as negative. This may cause some young (and older) redheads to feel a need to try and fit in more. This often leads to redheads dyeing their hair, and even tanning their fair skin to try and be more like “everyone else” around them. If you’re trying to be something you aren’t, you often end up resenting the things that you are, which can lead to a lot of self-hatred for redheads.

What can we do about it? Being a redhead is unique and special and a beautiful thing, so how do we learn to embrace the things that make us different and build our redhead confidence? We’ve got some tips:

1. Find your place in the redhead community 

Because red hair is so rare, and redheads can be born to non-redhead parents, it’s not uncommon for redheads to be the only ones in their family or friend group. This can feel isolating and lonely, so it’s important to find your place within the redhead community. Make redhead friends (even if it’s just online) who can relate to your experiences, and find a community that will build you up and show you how truly special being a redhead is. And, follow accounts like ours: @HowtobeaRedhead. Find inspiration in the variety of empowering content: 


Part 20 | Are you the only redhead in your fam too? Our 20th guest is @Alena Schiappacasse in Brooklyn, NYC 📣This is our last street episode in 2023. We’ll be back in 2024 with more! The purpose of this series was to see if redheads actually have an unspoken bond. When you cross another redhead on the street (or at the grocery store, etc), you might wonder what their experience was like growing up or if they love their hair. We hope this series gave you an insight into the lives of other redheads, and made you feel more connected, too ❤️👩🏻‍🦰

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Part 11 | Natural red hair does fade 👩🏻‍🦰 Our 11th guest is Abby in Brooklyn #streetinterview

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2. Embrace the unique

Instead of seeing your red hair as different or bad, start telling yourself how unique it is, how special it is, and how lucky you are to have this amazing hair that so few people have. You might have to fake it at first, but the more you tell yourself that, the more you’ll begin to believe it. 

3. Learn how to complement your red hair 

It’s hard to love your hair and your features if you don’t feel proud of them. Learning the colors and styles that complement your hair and skin can do wonders for your confidence. Check out our Redhead Can Wear Series. 

4. Take pride in your red hair 

The more pride you have in your red hair, the more confidence you will feel. Take pride in caring for your hair and treating it with the love it deserves. This will help your hair to look and feel better and give you more to be proud of. 

5. Understand it’s a journey

As we’ve said, redhead confidence is a journey and you may have bad days or feel off, but like any form of self-love you just have to keep trying. Try a little each day and eventually, you’ll realize your mindset is changing. 

Did you know November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day? It is a special holiday created by the co-founders of How to be a Redhead. Here at H2BAR, we love our red hair and we wanted a day for redheads everywhere to be acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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