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6 Ways to Celebrate Love Your Red Hair Day

This Holiday is for YOU!

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Did you know November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day? It is a special holiday created by the co-founders of How to be a Redhead. Here at H2BAR, we love our red hair and we wanted a day for redheads everywhere to be acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated. That’s why we founded this special national holiday in 2015.

“We wanted to create a national recognized day of the year that empowered redheads to LOVE their hair. But, most of all, it’s a reminder for women everywhere, redhead or not, to love their unique qualities.”

—  Co-Creator, Stephanie Vendetti

Well, National Love Your Red Hair Day is just a few days away, and we know you all want to celebrate. Here are 6 ways you can get into the spirit on this special holiday created for redheads: 

1. Purchase yourself redhead mascara 

We’re releasing the new H2BAR-created mascara line called Finally Have Lashes.

Like Finally Have Brows, Finally Have Lashes is paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan, made in the USA and designed for sensitive redheads. It is also made without alcohol, gluten, oil, paragons, phthalates, silicones or talc.  This clean formula is optimized with an hourglass brush to glide through lashes, separating and coating them with a classic redheads shades.

The waitlist is now open and the line is dropping November 5th — on National Love Your Red Hair Day! Join the waitlist now. 

redhead mascara

2. Have a photoshoot

Share your stunning red hair with everyone by having a photoshoot! Share your photos on social media and use the #LoveYourRedHairDay to share them with the H2BAR community. We can’t wait to see your photos!

3. Get your hair done

What better way to love your red hair than by giving it a little pampering? Book an appointment for a cut, blowout, or style, and give your red hair the TLC it deserves. Redhead by choice? Or maybe you’re getting to an age where your red hair is fading — hit the salon! Get your red touched up on this special day.

4. Compliment other redheads

Redheads experience bullying, teasing, and negative words throughout their lives. Take today to lift redhead up. Compliment them, encourage them and show them that you love their red hair!

5. Consume redhead content

Support your favorite redhead by following other redheads on social, watching movies or TV with your favorite redhead actors, reading books by redheads, listening to redhead musicians and reading articles right here on

6. Be confident and LOVE YOUR RED HAIR

The most important thing you can do on this national holiday is to simply love your red hair and be confident. You are unique and beautiful and today we celebrate you!


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