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7 Experiences and Conversations Unique to Redheads

Non-redheads probably do not realize how much of an impact our hair color has on our lives

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When we talk about the redhead experience, it’s more than just having red hair. Yes, our redhead experience comes from the color of our hair, but non-redheads probably do not realize how much of an impact our hair color has on our lives, and what types of experiences we have out in the world. Have you ever wondered what common experiences and conversations are unique to redheads? We’re here to tell you:

1. Being Teased or Bullied for Our Hair Color

Almost any redhead you ask has a story about being teased or bullied for their hair color. For most redheads, it’s something that happens in childhood, but it’s known to happen to adults too.

2. The Journey to Loving Your Red Hair

With all the teasing, often comes some self-loathing. Even if a redhead isn’t directly impacted by the stigmas of red hair, it’s felt in society. That’s why so many redheads have a journey to loving their red hair. For some it’s easy, and for others, it’s a lifelong struggle — this is something many other hair colors do not experience. 

3. Talking About Sun Safety / Skin Cancer

Everyone should be concerned with sun safety and preventing skin cancer, but for redheads, it’s a much more pressing topic. Redheads are far more likely to develop skin cancer than those without red hair, which means that from a young age, we have to take our sun protection very seriously. Thankfully, young redheads live in a world where wearing sunscreen is cool, but for adult redheads who grew up in a different time, it wasn’t always that way.

4. Correcting Misconceptions About Redheads

Most non-redheads seem to have some preconceived notions or misconceptions about redheads and of course, it becomes our job to correct them.

Some misconceptions about redheads include:

1. Hot temper: While there’s a stereotype that redheads have fiery tempers, temperament is individual and not determined by hair color.

2. Frequent hair color changes: Contrary to popular belief, many redheads have naturally vibrant hair and don’t need to dye it often.

3. Rareness: While red hair is less common globally, it’s not as rare as some may think. It occurs in around 1-2% of the world’s population.

4. Sun sensitivity: While redheads may have a higher risk of sunburn due to their fair skin, not all experience extreme photosensitivity or photophobia.

5. Personality traits: Just like people of any other hair color, redheads are diverse in personality traits and shouldn’t be stereotyped based on their hair color alone.

5. Having to Explain Where Your Hair Color Comes From

People always want an explanation of where you got your red hair. They want a full family tree breakdown, or to know your lineage. For some redheads, it’s easy to pinpoint, but for others all they know is the gene must be present. People also don’t usually know how red hair comes about, so that’s another thing we have to explain.

6. Struggling to Find Makeup

For redheads who wear makeup, it’s a pretty universal experience of not being able to find the right shade foundation, scrolling endlessly through photos trying to find someone who looks remotely like you to see what shade they’re wearing in a certain lipstick or blush. We hope that the H2BAR brow, mascara, and lip products can help ease this trouble for redheads, but we know it’s still a very real experience. 

7. Not Understanding Your Skin

Redheads usually have sensitive skin, which may lead to skin conditions or reactions. Unless you have other redheads in your life, you may not know what to watch out for. Not understanding your skin can be confusing. Most of the time a dermatologist can help you out, but we know there are some out there not educated in redhead skin who might leave you with more questions than answers. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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