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Why Redheads of Every Age Can Use H2BAR Products

Redheads can rely on our products through every stage of life

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We get questions from redheads of all ages asking about our How to be a Redhead (H2BAR) products. We get many messages wanting to know if they work for two different spectrums: teens or mature redheads. At How to be a Redhead, we make products for redheads of all ages! Redheads face many of the same issues regardless of age and can rely on our products through every stage of life. We know most makeup and beauty items are geared toward women in their 20s-40s, but let’s dive into why they can be used by all ages.

Why H2BAR products are great for teens 

For young tweens and teens just getting into makeup and beauty products, we know there can be some parent hesitation. We also know, being that we were once young redheads, you just want to fit in. Having light brows and lashes can often make you stand out, and H2BAR products can be used to give redhead teens a super natural look.

Finally Have Lashes® Auburn Mascara is wonderful for giving your lashes just a light coat of color, while Finally Have Brows® can give a natural tint to the brow so it appears more defined. Redhead teens who are using How to be a Redhead products can still look youthful and not overdone while feeling confident. We also promise they will keep using these products into their twenties and beyond!

Why H2BAR products are great for mature redheads

Based on the comments and reviews we get, mature redheads over 50 are huge fans of Finally Have Brows® and Finally Have Lashes®! It’s no surprise because most of these redheads have been waiting their whole lives for products geared towards them. For mature redheads, they want products they know won’t irritate their eyes and skin, and will give them a nice, natural look.

Check out some of these awesome reviews we’ve gotten from mature redheads:

Finally Have Brows® Ultra Fine Pencil

“In the past everything on the consumer market was way too dark, too brown . Even auburns were really to dark for me. Blonde shades were too gray/taupe. At age 70 I’ve finally found the best match ever. Most people guess my age as being more like 50, so this finally looks like me and not an ‘old lady’ or ‘clown’. THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!” – Cynthia

Finally Have Brows® – Volumizing Brow Gel

“As a 70+ year old woman, I was unsure how I would like this face change. It took a few days to get use to the change to brow color that actually matched my natural (now colored) hair but I’m happy. Any chance you have a solid brow color (applied with a brush after a clear styling gel) in the works? Thank you!” – Lynda

Finally Have Lashes® Enhancing Mascara

“This is the best mascara I have ever used and being 68 years old, I have tried numerous mascara brands thru the years. It goes on easily, no clumps, lashes don’t stick together, and the color is perfect! It stays on all day without smudging, and doesn’t cause any problems with my sensitive eyes. Perfect for redheads.” – JW

Finally Have Brows® Ultra Fine Pencil

“This is a great product! The color is perfect for me. I am strawberry blonde-ish. My brows and lashes are very light. This is the best product I have ever used in my 54 years!” – Treena

Finally Have Brows® – Longwearing Brow Gel

“Thank you for your help. I wish this product had been around 50 years ago when I really needed it but I am glad to know about it now.” – Mary

Finally Have Brows® Ultra Fine Pencil

“I’ve been waiting for decades for the correct eyebrow color. Thank you!!” – Lee

Finally Have Lashes® Enhancing Mascara

“As I have aged I’ve developed allergies that were never part of my life when I was in my 20’s or even 40’s. Recently my eyes have become super sensitive to mascaras. Your products are outstanding. Bet you’re surprised to hear from a woman who just reached 70. Waited for your products my entire adult life. FINALLY MY EYES AREN’T ITCHING SORE OR WATERING WHEN USING MASCARA THANKS TO H2BAR!!!” – Cynthia

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