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12 Summer Essentials for Redheads In 2024

Pack Your Beach Bags, Redheads!

redhead summer

Summer is officially here and we’d like to wish you all a Happy Redhead Summer! Some redheads love summer and some do not. We get it, most redheads are lathering themselves in sunscreen, avoiding the sun like the plague, and feeling pale (compared to your friends). But, we are determined to show you that redheads can have an amazing summer!

Redheads should four main goals every summer: stay protected from the sun, stay hydrated, care for your sensitive skin, and look cute doing it (aka master the 5-minute summer makeup). To achieve this, it takes 12 essentials we think you will love to add to your routine. Let’s have the best-ever redhead summer:

Stay protected

The most important thing a redhead can do in the summer is to stay protected from the sun. We know it’s a hassle to apply and reapply sunscreen, but your skin will thank you. When you pack up your beach bag, make sure you have your three main SPF products:

  1. Facial & body SPF
  2. SPF lip balm

And also some alternative forms of sun protection. Adding in extra sun protection options means you’ll be safer and better prepared. Make sure to bring:

3. Beach cover-up

4. Wide-brimmed hat

5. Sunglasses

6. UPF clothing

Stay hydrated

If you want to have your best summer ever, you need to stay hydrated. Not only will it help keep your skin looking great, but it will have you feeling amazing. Staying hydrated is crucial for good skin during summer because the heat and sun exposure can lead to increased water loss through sweat. Adequate hydration helps maintain skin elasticity, prevents dryness, and supports overall skin health. Opt for an ultra-hydrating moisturizer to prevent dry skin and summertime eczema — which is common for redheads with sensitive skin. 

Care for Your Skin

Caring for your sensitive skin is critical during the summer and it goes beyond wearing SPF! A few skin essentials are love are:

7. Silicone scrubber to gently exfoliate, and remove leftover SPF that may clog pores.

Redheads should consider owning a silicone scrubber for several reasons. They often have more sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, and silicone scrubbers are gentle and less abrasive compared to traditional loofahs or washcloths, reducing the risk of skin irritation. Additionally, silicone is a hypoallergenic material, making it suitable for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin, which is particularly beneficial for redheads. Silicone scrubbers are also resistant to bacterial growth, easier to clean, and dry quickly, helping to maintain better hygiene and prevent infections and breakouts. Moreover, they are durable and long-lasting, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly option compared to disposable or less durable alternatives. Despite being gentle, silicone scrubbers effectively cleanse the skin by removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells without causing damage, promoting healthy and clear skin for redheads.

8. Nickle-free razors to reduce redness, irritation, and sensitivity while shaving.

Redheads should consider owning a nickel-free razor for several important reasons. Firstly, redheads often have more sensitive skin, which can be prone to irritation and allergic reactions. Nickel is a common allergen, and using a razor containing nickel can cause skin irritation, rashes, and other allergic reactions. A nickel-free razor helps to minimize this risk, providing a gentler shaving experience. Additionally, sensitive skin can be more susceptible to razor burn and bumps; using a nickel-free razor can help reduce these issues, promoting smoother and healthier skin. Furthermore, opting for a nickel-free razor is a proactive measure for overall skin health, ensuring that shaving is a comfortable and irritation-free process for redheads.

9. Aloe vera gel to soothe any sunburns you may get this summer.

Redheads should consider owning aloe vera gel this summer for several compelling reasons. Redheads typically have fair, sensitive skin that is more susceptible to sunburn and irritation from UV exposure. Aloe vera gel provides soothing relief and helps to heal sunburns more effectively, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Additionally, aloe vera is known for its moisturizing benefits, which can help combat the dryness and peeling that often follow sunburn. It also promotes faster skin repair and regeneration, which is particularly beneficial for maintaining healthy skin during the summer months. Moreover, aloe vera gel is lightweight and non-greasy, making it comfortable daily use, even in hot and humid conditions. Overall, aloe vera gel is an essential skincare product for redheads to keep their sensitive skin protected, hydrated, and healthy during the summer.

Master 5-minute makeup

You’ve got your redhead summer all mapped out, but you want to look cute doing it! Nobody has time for full makeup in the summer, so it’s time to master the 5-minute makeup. Want to know a redhead secret? All you need this summer is:

10. Finally Have Brows Volumizing Redhead Brow Gel

11. Finally Have Lashes Enhancing Mascara in Chestnut or Auburn Mascara

redhead aesthetic

Shop Redhead Mascara and Brow Products

These two products will have you ready in no time and you will feel and look amazing. Skip the foundation, blush, and bronzer for your everyday look because you will probably sweat it off anyway. If you want to elevate your look a tad bit more, that leads us to our final summer must: 

12. Sunless tanner

Getting that faux glow is something many redheads are looking for, but many struggle with coloring, application, and aftercare. Self-tanners come in a variety of formulas and it all depends on what you like. Tanning lotion, tanning mousse, and tanning drops are probably the three most common. And, you can even try tantouring to make yourself feel like a tanned goddess.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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