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Why Writing About Redhead Topics Are Important To Us

Redheads need advice too.

Most people think being a redhead is just a hair shade, but it’s more than a hair color. It’s a lifestyle. When we started How to be a Redhead over a decade ago, we wanted to build a community so redheads have the tools they need. Here are some reasons we write for redheads — both natural and ‘by choice’: 

1. We want to empower young redheads (and their parents)

A huge reason H2BAR was born is because our co-founders, Stephanie and Adrienne, had questions about beauty, makeup, skin, and hair. When they got old enough to seek it out, they realized there wasn’t an outlet for redheads because no one was targeting the unique group of people. They took their knowledge and decided to help other generations of young redheads. Recommended reads for young redheads:

And for the parents who are raising young redheads, we want to help and support you too. We know you might not always have the advice or the answers your young redhead is looking for, but this community can help to empower and build confidence in your redhead child.

2. We want to create a guide for all redheads 

Young redheads aren’t the only ones who need a little guidance. We want redheads of all ages to be able to come to our community for advice on skincare, makeup, and hair. Articles featured on are filled with articles covering all topics in all categories — including ‘Redhead-Friendly’ approved product recommendations. Check out some popular topics:

3. We want to educate redheads about their unique traits

Being a redhead is more than what meets the eye. Along with the hair color comes a number of health and lifestyle issues that are important for redheads to be aware of. Many of these issues are only talked about within the redhead community, so we want to help spread knowledge and information to help redheads live a happy and healthy life. 

Some of these issues include things like a higher risk of skin cancer and the need for more anesthesia. Here are some reads we recommended for redheads looking for more knowledge about these topics:

Rock it like a Redhead!