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Dear Younger Redhead: What I Wish I Knew


Dear Younger Redhead:

First of all, I want to congratulate you on being a redhead. It is a club is that only an exclusive few are blessed to join.

Now I want to let you in on a little secret: you may not like your hair color when you’re a kid. Not only will you likely be the only redhead in your class, but will also be subject to a variety of unpleasant names. Ignore the haters. When you grow up and get compared to Rita Hayworth or Lucille Ball, the childhood torment will be nothing but a memory.

The adults around you will not only profusely compliment you on your hair color, but they might ask your parents for snippets of your hair to take to the salon. The compliments are just as mortifying as the teasing from your classmates.

Trust me when I say that it does get better.

Puberty is a funny time for a redhead. As our bodies change and we begin to grow emotionally, we want to fit in, but our red hair will always demand that stand out. Continue to ignore the haters, they will appreciate your unique beauty, but maybe not now.

Now you’re starting to go on dates. The boys or girls that you’re going out with may or may not appreciate your hair color, but you will. Taking the time to understand what colors you prefer, knowing how to dress to flatter your figure and how to style your hair goes along to not just accepting your coloring but loving it. It’s all about confidence and confidence is the key to success, regardless of any particular goals.

Flash forward to adulthood. You will still receive compliments on your hair color (and will continue throughout your life), but if you have done the work, the embarrassment you experienced as a child will be replaced by gratitude.

If you are lucky enough to have redheaded children and/or grandchildren, they will be the joy and light of your life. And because you have the experience of being a lifelong redhead, you can help them navigate the ups and downs of being a redhead.

And finally, when you reach your later years when your peers are gray, you are likely to be a strawberry blonde.

In conclusion, younger redhead, relax, smile and enjoy being a natural redhead. It is a gift that few can call their own.

Sincerely yours,

An older redhead.

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