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7 Essential Skin Care Tips For Redhead Teenagers

Tips and Tricks for Redhead Teens

Good skincare habits during your teen years are vital, especially for redheads. Teenage skin goes through a lot of changes and it might seem impossible to get it looking good. Hormonal acne is normal and can get worse when you have sensitive redhead skin, but there are ways to help your skin be the best it can be. Here are a few tips for getting started with good skincare habits:

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1. Learn your skin type

Everyone’s skin is different, and your skin will change as you get older. Learn what type of skin you have now so you know what products will work best. Most redheads have sensitive skin, so focus on products that say they are safe for sensitive skin

2. Always fully remove makeup before bed 

If you’re a redheaded teen who has started wearing makeup, it’s important to fully remove it at the end of the day. Makeup that’s left on the skin can cause clogged pores leading to more pimples.

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3. Wash your face daily

It’s important to wash your face daily to remove any dirt, oils, or buildup. Having a clean face will help your skincare products soak in more and help you avoid blemishes. Removing your makeup is part of the face washing routine, but should not be your only form of cleansing. 

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4. Exfoliate

Removing dead skin and build-up will help to have clear and smooth redhead skin. Find a gentle facial exfoliant to help remove imperfections. Exfoliate your face once or twice a week, don’t use exfoliant on blemishes, and don’t rub too hard.

5. Keep skin moisturized

The key to great skin is keeping it hydrated and moisturized. Moisturize your face in the morning before you apply makeup (if you wear any) and at night after you’ve washed your face. As a teen you don’t need heavy night creams, so a lightweight moisturizer will do. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. 

6. Treat acne and blemishes

If you have acne and blemishes, it’s important to treat them properly. One thing you want to avoid is picking at pimples, and be sure to wash your hands before touching your face. Treat your pimples with a spot treatment, acne-specific face washes, or treatments prescribed by your dermatologist

7. Avoid tanning & use sunscreen

It may not seem necessary when you’re in your teens, but the skincare and protection you do now will have an impact on your skin later. Stay out of the sun, always use sunscreen, and avoid tanning.

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