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5 Things Redheads Can Expect During a Skin Exam

It's Melanoma Awareness Month: let's keep your redhead skin healthy

Visiting the dermatologist and having your redhead skin checked is just as important as visiting the dentist or eye doctor. The health of your skin isn’t something to mess around with, especially for redheads who are at a higher risk for skin cancer. Visiting the dermatologist for the first time can be daunting, so here’s five more things redheads can expect during a skin exam.

1. Point out areas of concern

Your doctor will ask you if you have any areas of concern. This is a great time to point out any moles, skin tags, blemishes, or other skin issues that hurt, have changed color, have appeared suddenly or you’re just not sure about. 

2. Discuss your medical history 

You will want to talk over your medical history with your doctor on your first visit. This will include things like any history of skin cancer for you or your immediate family, history of any traumatic sunburns, tanning bed use, etc. This will help your doctor better assess you and be on the lookout for certain things. 

3. Let the doctor do their thing 

The doctor should do a once-over to check areas you might not be able to see like your neck and back and look for any concerning spots with a UV light. Let them take a look around because they might see something you didn’t know to look for. 

4. They don’t have to get… private

Unless you have a skin concern in your more personal areas, you don’t have to have the doctor look there. You can also save that for your gynecologist or your general doctor if you feel more comfortable. The point of a skin exam isn’t to make you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, it’s to check your skin’s health and try to catch any issues while they can still be treated. 

5. What if they find something? 

If the doctor does find something they will take some photos and perform a biopsy. This will allow them to test the area and see if they find anything concerning. It can be scary to have a biopsy done, but sometimes it’s nothing so don’t worry too much until you get news back from your doctor. 

Melanoma is one of the most curable forms of cancer, so being proactive is key.

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