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10 Things Only The Redheaded Child Of a Redheaded Parent Would Understand

It's a redhead thing

By: Adina Bernstein

While some redheads are redheads ‘by choice‘, others are gifted with natural red hair via their genes. Here are 10 things only the redheaded child of a redheaded parent would understand:

1. You will always pick your parent out of a crowd.

It’s your very own ‘redhead kid of a redhead parent’ radar.

2. You will always be known as your parent’s kid.

Friends and colleagues of your parents immediately know you as ‘so and so’s’ kid — because of the red hair.

3. Others will assume you look like your redheaded parent, even if you don’t.

The red hair is so blinding that they only see the hair, not the face.

4. If you’re teased for your hair color, you have someone to turn to who went through the exact same thing.

Sometimes our parents understand more than we think they do

5. You can already predict that your future kids will potentially have red hair.

The redheaded apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

6. You can definitively answer the question about if your hair is natural for the 1000th time since you were born.

Yes, I am a natural redhead.

7. You know where you get your temper from.

Sometimes our hair matches our temper.

8. You can answer the question on where you got your red hair from.

I got my red hair from (enter parent here).

9. When you reach a certain age and everyone else around is turning gray, you will be blonde or white.

Thanks (enter redheaded parent here), no trips to the salon for me.  You wouldn’t want any other hair color than the one you have.

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10. You wouldn’t want any other hair color than the one you have.

It’s all thanks to your redheaded parent.

Rock it like a Redhead!