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6 Christmas Nail Designs to Rock This Holiday Season

Festive Nail Season is Here!

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It’s time to embrace the Christmas season, and that means planning out your Christmas nails. Many people enjoy festive nail designs during the holidays as a way to express creativity, embrace the festive spirit, and add a touch of celebration to their appearance. It’s a fun and popular way for individuals to get into the holiday mood.Whether you like to rock the Christmas nails all season long or save them for the week of, here are a few designs to get you inspired, redheads: 

1. Snowmen

Embrace the snowy season with some adorable Christmas snowmen for your nails. These are perfect because you can enjoy them even after Christmas is over!

2. Ornaments

Get festive with some Christmas ornament nails. These look super cute as an accent nail combined with other designs, or on neutral/nude nails for a pop of color. 

3. Trees

Another festive design is the Christmas tree. There are so many cute ways to do a tree nail design, and it’s perfect for the holiday season

4. Presents

Adding the ribbon effect to make one or two nails look like presents is such a cute way to dress up a French tip or a solid manicure for Christmas. 

5. Candy Stripe

Show off your manicure with an adorable candy stripe design. Candy stripe is fun because it can be literal or abstract, depending on your style. 

6. Greenery 

If you want something wintery and Christmas adjacent but not so on the nose, opt for some gorgeous winter greenery. Holly is the perfect choice!

Rock it like a Redhead!


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10 Awkward Situations Redheads Can All Relate To

And what we may be thinking internally or externally (sarcasm may be included)

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Being a redhead is a unique experience. As we have always said at H2BAR, it’s important to embrace individuality and appreciate the uniqueness of your red hair. If someone feels awkward about being a redhead, it might be influenced by societal attitudes or personal insecurities, but it’s essential to challenge such notions and celebrate diversity. If there is a way to beat awkwardness, it’s important to laugh about it and talk about it with other redheads. Here are 10 awkward moments as a redhead and what many of us may be thinking internally or externally (beware of sarcasm):

1. When someone asks if your hair is natural… and then proceeds either to not believe you or tells you they knew it must be. Why did you ask?

2. When someone questions whether you’re a redhead and thinks your hair is brown (or blonde)… no, it’s red (or strawberry blonde or a deeper red). Why would I lie?

3. When someone asks to touch your red hair… eek! Don’t make me feel uncomfortable because I want to say no, but also I feel like I’m supposed to say yes.

4. When a stranger tells you they are into redheads… that’s nice. Please don’t put that on me, chances are I’m not into you!

5. When a stranger asks if you dye your kid’s red hair… yup, my 2-year-old has a salon appointment right now actually and we’re going to be late. 

6. When someone asks if you’re blushing but it’s really just the redness in your skin… if I wasn’t embarrassed before, I sure as heck am now!

7. When someone thinks you have a tan but it’s actually just your freckles getting darker (in the summer)… thanks for the momentary confidence boost, it’s just the freckles. 

8. When you get color matched at the makeup store and there’s nothing light enough… show me to the white face paint, please. It’s my last hope.

9. When you’re the only one who gets sunburnt, and it’s not even that sunny… I put sunscreen on, yet I’m the one with a sunburn now.

10. When people assume you’re related to another redhead in the room… but really, I’ve never met them in my life. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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Move Over Cowboy Copper, “Gingerbread Red” Hair Is Now Trending

Society loves to name dyed red hair shades everything but "redhead"

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We’re back…with another trending name for a shade of dyed red hair. This time it’s “Gingerbread Red” aptly named after the tasty cookies we enjoy during the holiday season. The color has over 1.4 billion views on TikTok and can be described as a “more muted copper with very warm, brown, and golden undertones”. This color is less “ginger” than some of the popular red shades we’ve been seeing (like Cowboy Copper), and is really more brown hair with copper and golden undertones. 

gingerbread red

It seems Gingerbread Red might not be red hair at all, but more of a name for those brunettes whose hair looks red in the sun. This could be a good color for redheads who are fading and don’t feel the vibrancy of true “ginger” is their color anymore, or brunettes who want to dip their toe in the redhead waters before committing fully. 

What do you think of Gingerbread Red? Take a scroll through TikTok below: 


No bleach, no problem! 👩🏻‍🦰 With the power of ShadesEQ, @Redken artist & professional redhead @Hannah Matthews Moore transformed @Leah Gay’s hair from blah brown to spicy gingerbread! What do you think of this holiday-inspired hue? 🎁 #redhair #redhead #ginger #copperhair #hairinspo #haircolor #haircolorideas #hairdotcom #hairtransformation #hairmakeover #gingerbread #gingerbreadhair

♬ original sound –


Stunning Gingerbread Caramel Hair color #gingerhair #caramelbalayage

♬ Beautiful, in My Skin – Bitty



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Tubing Mascara: What Is It? And Is It Good for Redheads?

Sneak Peek of the new Finally Have Lashes is below too!

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When it comes to lashes, mascara isn’t one type fits all. There are various types of mascara, including lengthening, volumizing, curling, and waterproof. Lengthening mascara extends lashes, volumizing adds thickness, curling provides lift, and waterproof mascara resists smudging. Specialty mascaras, like tubing mascara, also exist for unique benefits. Tubing mascara can be great for adding length, but it has its downsides and some of them specifically affect redheads. Let’s discuss. 

What is tubing mascara?

Tubing mascara is a type of mascara that forms tiny tubes around each lash. These tubes create a water-resistant and smudge-proof barrier, offering long-lasting wear and easy removal with warm water. Regular mascara is made of wax and silicone, but tubing mascara is made of water-soluble polymers. This means that when applied it creates flexible tubes around each lash. This can create a lash extension-like look.

What are the pros of tubing mascara?

Tubing mascara is known for adding length, which is great if you have shorter lashes. But it also has the added benefit of easy removal. The tubes cling less to the lashes, thus making them slide right off when removed. For most tubing mascaras, you can just add a little makeup remover and slide the mascara right off. This is good for sensitive eyes because it means less rubbing and irritation.

What are the cons of tubing mascara?

While tubing mascara does add length and is easy to remove, there are a number of downsides to it as well. Because it’s easy to remove, it can also cause more transfer and fallout. For sensitive-eyed redheads, this can be quite a problem. Additionally, the formula of tubing mascara makes it quite hard to layer or build volume. This means that while your lashes may have length, they can end up looking quite sparse. Tubing mascara also takes longer to dry. 

Overall, tubing mascara has its pros and cons and can be a good choice if it fits your needs. But if you’re a redhead looking for mascara, skip the drugstore ones and head right to the mascara made specifically for you! Finally Have Lashes® is redhead mascara done right, so grab yours today.

Finally Have Lashes update:

Finally Have Lashes is adding a tubing mascara wand to its line. With a new brush, updated formula + new technology, it will curl, lift & lengthen your lashes with a sensitive-friendly formula. Two new shades are introduced to the line so you can expand your selection of redhead mascara. Shop the Finally Have Lashes line now and watch for special updates on releases + more


Rock it like a Redhead! 


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8 Winter (Not Christmas) Nail Colors for Redheads to Rock

The Perfect Colors for the Season

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With the Halloween and Thanksgiving nails long gone, it’s time for a fresh set of winter nails. Maybe you’re not ready for Christmas nails just yet, or maybe you don’t celebrate. Either way, it’s fun to have some winter colors that will get you through the cold days. Here are 8 winter nail colors we are loving for redheads this year. 

1. Frost

Bring in the colors of winter with some frost nails. This gorgeous milky silver is super flattering and an easy way to get a “winter” color that’s still light and neutral. 

Gel Polish: RARJSM Glitter Gel Nail Polish Nude Milky White Silver | Regular Polish: Essie Jingle Bells + OPI Infinite Shine Soft White Creme

2. Dark Green

Embrace the color of the green trees with a dark evergreen color. It looks gorgeous against all skin tones and is sure to get you some compliments this winter.

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Emma Emerald | Regular Polish: Essie Off Tropic 

3. Dark Red

Another classic dark color is dark red. This burgundy, oxblood shade is ultra flattering and a nice change up from the bright reds of Christmas.

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Burgundy Red | Regular Polish: OPI Nail Polish Got the Blues for Red

4. Pale Pink

Embrace the “cold girl” look with a pale pink. Inspired by the flush our skin gets when the cold air bites, this pink can be worn solid, or with white accents or glitter texture. 

Gel Polish: GAOY Sheer Light Pink Gel Nail Polish | Regular Polish: wet n wild Fast Dry AF Ballerina Dropout

5. Dark Blue

Going back to darker colors, skip the reds and greens associated with Christmas and embrace the blues of the season. This dark navy color looks stunning on redheads.

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Midnight Ocean Navy | Regular Polish: OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

6. Red Chrome

If you like the brilliant reds, try changing it up with a red chrome. It’s festive without screaming Christmas and you can rock it all the way till the New Year!

Gel Polish: GAOY Ruby Red Gel Nail Polish | Regular Polish: Essie Rich Cherry Red | Chrome Powder: White Pearl Chrome Nail Powder

7. Plum

A deep, rich purple is stunning for wintertime, and it’s another color you can rock all season long. Opt for a more pink plum, or a true purple plum depending on your style.

Gel Polish: YTD Likomey Gel Nail Polish Wine Purple | Regular Polish: Revlon Plum Passionate

8. Gold

And of course, it’s not wintertime without some glittering gold. Go all in, or add it as an accent to neutral nails for a pop of shine. 

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Champagne Gold Glitter | Regular Polish: ILNP Empire – Gold Holographic Nail Polish

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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11 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Sweaters To Rock This Holiday Season

It's Sweater Season and Redhead Season! Hashtag #Winning

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We love fall and winter because it’s sweater season. Sweater season is cherished for its cozy comfort, the joy of bundling up in warm, stylish layers, and the opportunity to embrace fall and winter fashion. Even if fall and winter are not your favorite seasons, many will admit that there’s nothing cozier than pulling on a warm sweater on a cold day. We’ve shopped a lot of sweaters over the years, and we wanted to share with you some of our favorite sweaters in ‘Redhead-Friendly’ Approved colors that are perfect for this holiday season. Dress them up for work or your holiday party, or dress them down for everyday wear: 

1. AUTOMET Women’s Open Front Oversized Button Lightweight V-Neck Knit Cardigan

This knit cardigan is a basic you can wear all fall and winter long. The oversized fit and knit style makes it extra cozy.

AUTOMET Women’s Open Front Knit Cardigan: $30

2. By Design Plus Size Long Tunic Length Cardigan

This long tunic-style cardigan is perfect for layering during the colder months. The classic silhouette and style make it a must-have.

By Design Plus Size Long Tunic Length Cardigan: $72

3. REVOLVE House of Harlow 1960 Khalida Wrap Sweater

This super cute wrap-style sweater is perfect for a night out on the town. The gorgeous color will fit right into your fall and winter wardrobe. 

REVOLVE House of Harlow 1960 Khalida Wrap Sweater: $208

4. REVOLVE House of Harlow 1960 Peyton Turtleneck Sweater

A classic turtleneck never goes out of style. It’s perfect for layering or wearing alone, and there are multiple stunning colors to choose from. 

REVOLVE House of Harlow 1960 Peyton Turtleneck Sweater: $168

5. ASTR the Label Cosima One-Shoulder Sweater

Live somewhere that doesn’t quite get that fall and winter cold weather? Rock the look anyway with a one-shoulder sweater. 

ASTR the Label Cosima One-Shoulder Sweater: $98

6. Free People Vancouver Mock Neck Sweater

This mock neck sweater has been a fall and winter staple and is perfect for the holiday season. Its oversized fit is flattering and cozy.

Free People Vancouver Mock Neck Sweater: $138

7. Quince Plus Size Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater

For a more boyfriend-style cardigan, we love this one from Quince. The Mongolian cashmere is ultra soft and luxurious. 

Quince Plus Size Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater: $150

8. Cupshe Women’s Pumpkin Spice Textured Knit Sweater

The warm cozy coloring of this knit sweater just screams winter, and it would make the perfect pairing with jeans or a skirt. 

Cupshe Women's Pumpkin Spice Textured Knit Sweater: $38

9. Eytino Plus Size Long Sleeve Crewneck Split Hem Oversized Ribbed Knit Tunic Pullover

This tunic pullover is another classic style that would make a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe

Eytino Plus Size Long Sleeve Crewneck: $41

10. Vince Women’s Weekend V-Neck

This 100% cashmere v-neck is a bit of a splurge but it’s worth every penny. It’s soft and cozy and a classic wardrobe staple

Vince Women's Weekend V-Neck: $325

11. Seta T Crewneck Sweater Two Piece Sweater + Midi Skirt

We love a sweater set, and this sweater paired with the knit midi is perfect for the holidays.

Seta T Crewneck Sweater Two Piece: $65

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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H2BAR Community: This Is Why We’re Thankful for You

We Love You, Redheads!

Posted on

This Thanksgiving (and each and every day), we’re so thankful for the H2BAR community and all that you have helped us create since launching How to be a Redhead in 2011. This November, we celebrated our 9th Annual National Love Your Red Hair Day, and along with it came so many new exciting launches, news and peaks. Here’s why we’re so thankful for our H2BAR community this holiday season:

1. We’re thankful for the opportunity to connect

This year we hit the streets to talk to real redheads about their experiences. Every Thursday we have released a street interview with a redhead talking about how it was growing up as a redhead, bullying, fading hair and.. so much more. This has been such a wonderful opportunity to connect with redheads from all over the world.


Part 1 | This redhead isn’t going to dye her natural hair 👩🏻‍🦰 Introducing our new segment where we interview redheads on the street (all over the country). We are dropping a new episode every Thursday 📺 Our first guest is SJ in NYC 👩🏻‍🦰 #streetinterview #newyorkcity #gingertok

♬ original sound – How to be a Redhead

2. We’re thankful for the H2BAR podcast

Another way we’ve been able to connect with redheads is through our H2BAR Podcast. We’ve interviewed redheads and experts in redhead-relevant topics from around the world. It’s helped us to grow our insight on other redheads and answer so many of your (and our) redhead questions. Catch up on Seasons 1-5 on Apple Podcasts, or search for us wherever you listen to podcasts.

redhead podcast

3. We’re thankful for a growing community of redheads

With 143k+ followers on Instagram and 41k+ on TikTok, we’ve been able to grow our redhead community and connect like never before. We’ve had many videos go viral in 2023 and we’re thankful to connect to redheads far and wide. We love sharing product recommendations, your reviews of our products and your relatable redhead connection to the H2BAR community.


4. We’re thankful for new redhead beauty products

Because of the community we’ve built and the knowledge we’ve gained running H2BAR, we’ve been able to come up with amazing products made by redheads for redheads. We’ve launched so many new beauty items this year, with so many more to come in the future! We launched our Finally Glossy® Shampoo, our newest addition to the Finally Have Brows® collection, Finally Have Brows® Clear Brow Gel, Finally Bold® Lipsticks, new redhead merch, an ultra-soft microfiber hair towel, and more.


We will continue to carry this thankfulness into 2024. Thank you, redheads. Rock it like a Redhead!


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5 Redhead Makeup Tips If You Have Sensitive Eyes

Bye Bye, Eye Irritation

Posted on

Having sensitive eyes can make wearing makeup difficult, but it’s not impossible. Sensitive eyes can react negatively to certain makeup products, leading to irritation or discomfort. Practicing specific makeup tips for sensitive eyes involves using hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products to minimize the risk of irritation. Additionally, being cautious with application techniques and avoiding harsh rubbing can help prevent adverse reactions, ensuring a more comfortable and safe makeup experience for individuals with sensitive eyes.

You just have to take a few extra steps and use some precautions to keep your eyes from being irritated. Here are some of our favorite redhead-specific tips on how to wear makeup when you have sensitive eyes. 

1. Always remove makeup before bed

You probably know this already, but remove your makeup before bed. We love Neutrogena Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover & Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes. Failing to remove your makeup can cause irritation while you sleep, so make sure to get it all. 

For an even gentler option, use a konjac sponge. Read: Redheads, Hear All About Our Love For The Konjac Sponge 

Neutrogena Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover: $14

2. Clean your makeup tools regularly

It’s also important to wash your makeup brushes and tools. We personally love to use baby shampoo to wash our makeup brushes. Keeping your brushes clean will help to keep your eyes clean. It will also make your makeup go on better.

To clean your makeup brushes and tools, you can use a gentle soap or brush cleanser. Wet the bristles, apply the cleaner, and then gently lather and rinse. Ensure they dry completely before using them again. This helps prevent bacteria buildup and ensures a smoother application.

3. Check cosmetic expiration dates

Be sure you are checking the expiration dates and tossing out expired cosmetics. Most of us use our cosmetics way longer than we should. Sometimes it’s no big deal, but if you have sensitive eyes, it could lead to irritation and even infection. 

Most makeup products have a small symbol on the packaging that looks like an open jar. This indicates the product’s “period after opening” (PAO). It’s usually a number followed by the letter “M,” indicating the number of months the product is safe to use after opening. Additionally, check for any changes in color, smell, or texture, as these can signal that a product has expired.

4. Use products formulated with sensitive redheads in mind

When it comes to picking out eye makeup, it’s important to use a sensitive skin/eye-safe mascara you can trust, like our Finally Have Lashes® line. Most redheads have sensitive skin and eyes which is why all our mascaras are sensitive-friendly and you can trust they won’t cause irritation. Vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free and clean.

Finally Have Lashes Update:

Finally Have Lashes is new & improved! With a new brush, updated formula + new technology to curl, lift & lengthen your lashes with a sensitive-friendly formula. Two new shades are introduced to the line so you can expand your selection of redhead mascara. Shop the Finally Have Lashes line now

Shop Finally Have Lashes®

5.  Use a gentle eye moisturizer

Apply a gentle moisturizer around your eyes to keep them hydrated. We like the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermallergo Eye Cream Soothing Repair Moisturizer. It keeps the area around your eyes from becoming dry and irritated while also adding moisture.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermallergo Eye Cream Soothing Repair Moisturizer: $30

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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7 Best Curly Hair Products for Redheads

Give Your Curly Red Hair Some TLC

Posted on

Curly red hair is a gorgeous crown you should wear with pride. Curls have unique characteristics, such as varying levels of moisture retention and texture, which require specific care. Dedicated curly hair products are formulated to address these needs, providing adequate moisture, defining curls, and minimizing frizz. Using products designed for curly hair helps maintain the health and appearance of curls, enhancing their natural beauty and preventing issues like dryness or breakage.

If you’re embracing your natural curls for the first time, or you want to change up your curly hair routine, check out these products. They are all ‘Redhead Friendly’ Approved® and formulated to work wonders on curly hair. 

1. Eco Style Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel

Add hold to your curly style with this argan oil styling gel. This gel has been a best seller for years, and the ultra-affordable price tag doesn’t hurt.

Eco Style Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel: $6

2. OUAI Matte Hair Pomade

Tame your red curls with this hair pomade. It’s perfect for adding texture, creating hold, defining and separating your curls, and fighting frizz.  

OUAI Matte Hair Pomade: $26

3. GIOVANNI L.A. Hold Styling Gel

Another styling gel we love for red hair is this natural gel with botanical ingredients. It’s vegan, paraben and phthalate-free.

GIOVANNI L.A. Hold Styling Gel: $27 

4. OUAI Curl Cream – Hydrating, Anti-Frizz Curl Enhancer

Enhance your red curls while adding hydration with coconut oil and reduce frizz.

OUAI Curl Cream: $32

5. REVLON Infrared Hair Dryer

Infrared technology heats the hair from the inside out, maintaining natural moisture balance to avoid over-drying. The diffuser attachment is perfect for helping to form and maintain curls

REVLON Infrared Hair Dryer: $26

6. Soft Microfiber Hair Towel for Redheads (Pre-Order)

Because wet red hair is at its most vulnerable, this microfiber towel gently and carefully absorbs moisture from your unique hair, dries it quickly, and protects it from breakage. Use it for scrunching or plopping.

Soft Microfiber Hair Towel for Redheads: $45 

7. DevaCurl SuperMousse® Coconut Oil Infused Volumizer

Add volume lift and hydration with this coconut oil-infused mousse designs specifically for curly hair.  

DevaCurl SuperMousse®: $34

Rock it like a Redhead!


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Redhead Review: I Tried a Dermaplaning Alternative & Here Are My Thoughts

Find a dermaplaning razor recommendation + an alternative to dermaplaning too

Posted on

I am a natural redhead and an H2BAR beauty writer. A couple of years ago, I started incorporating dermaplaning into my beauty routine. If you’re not familiar, the technical dermaplaning involves visiting a professional esthetician where they use a sterile surgical scalpel to gently scrape the surface of the skin, removing dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). It is basically a professional facial shave, so many of us in the beauty world use the term “dermaplaning” when discussing the simple action of DIY “shaving the skin” with an at-home face razor.

There are many benefits to shaving the face, one of them being: exfoliating. It helps to promote smoother skin and I can attest to how much it enhances the effectiveness of my skincare and makeup products. I like the way it makes my makeup look and how soft my skin feels, but I did find the process a little difficult and sometimes irritating to my sensitive skin when I first got started. Until I found the Schick Hydro Silk Exfoliating Dermaplaning Professional Style Wand (this is not a sponsored post).

When learning to DIY dermaplane my face, I tried a number of exfoliating facial razors and didn’t love any of them. Then I found the Schick Hydro Silk Exfoliating Dermaplaning Professional Style Wand and it totally changed the game. I use this tool in combination with a facial oil and DIY dermaplane my face every 3-4 weeks. 

My skin felt amazing and looked glowy, but there were a few times I nicked myself and my skin got irritated. I also noticed that unless I followed a very specific aftercare routine, my skin would not be happy. My aftercare routine included double cleansing my face, using a CBD serum and moisturizer, and avoiding makeup for at least 12-24 hours after dermaplaning. Since I only dermaplaned about once a month, it was worth the “pain” for a super-soft face. 

Pros of DIY Dermaplaning – Glowy skin, smooth skin, exfoliating. 

Cons of DIY Dermaplaning – Risk of cuts/irritation, no makeup for 12-24 hours. 

Schick Hydro Silk Exfoliating Dermaplaning Professional Style Wand: $20

Recently, I discovered an alternative to dermaplaning. I found it online and it caught my eye because it was marketed as a “painless hair removal” tool. The tool is primarily marketed as being for upper lip hair removal but can be used all over the face — basically, a dermaplane alternative. I ordered it and decided to test it out. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I’m really enjoying it. 

It’s called the Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover (also, not a sponsored post). I noticed that the tool doesn’t glide super well on dry skin, so I use it in the morning before washing my face. My leftover skincare from the night before allows the tool to glide more easily and prevents any friction. I use the tool all over my face, running it in circular motions. The built-in light makes it easier to see my light blonde peach fuzz. I don’t think it exfoliates my skin the same way DIY dermaplaning does, but since I use a chemical exfoliant twice a week, that doesn’t really bother me. After using the tool, I wash my face and apply my skincare like normal. I don’t have to wait to wear makeup either. I do avoid using any chemical exfoliants after using the tool, but that’s it. 

Pros of Hair Removal Tool – Easy to use, no nicks or cuts, no irritation, can wear makeup right away.

Cons of Hair Removal Tool – Isn’t as exfoliating as DIY dermaplaning. 

Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover: $20

Overall, I will not give up DIY dermaplaning completely, but I will use this tool for day-to-day upkeep. Dermaplaning might become something I do for special occasions to prep for my makeup or something I do every few months as maintenance. For now, I’m enjoying the ease of using this alternative. 

It’s important to note that dermaplaning should be performed by a trained professional to minimize the risk of complications.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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6 Redhead-Specific Skincare Tips For Your Armpits

Keep Your Underarms Happy

Posted on

Skincare extends beyond your face, and one area we don’t talk about enough is the armpits. Underarm skin is some of the most sensitive skin on your body, and for redheads who already have sensitive skin, our armpits are prone to having issues. using sensitive skincare tips, such as avoiding harsh chemicals and opting for gentle products, helps maintain skin health and reduce the risk of irritation or discomfort. If you opt to not follow the below steps, sensitivity under your arms can lead to irritation, ingrown hairs, and armpit blemishes. Here’s how to take care of your armpits, especially if you have sensitive skin:

1. Be mindful of your deodorant

We talk a lot about natural deodorants because many redheads find them to be less harsh on their underarms. The truth is natural deodorant doesn’t work for everyone. If you have a sensitivity to baking soda, essential oils, or other common ingredients in natural deodorants, you might want to steer clear of them. If natural deodorant works for you, that’s great, but if not opt for something that’s pH-balancing and gentle on your sensitive skin.

2. Wash your armpits with a redhead-approved face wash

Washing your armpits with soap and/or body wash is a great way to remove deodorant buildup, smell, and sweat. For skincare purposes, follow up your wash by using a facial cleaner or a skincare cleanser for sensitive skin. And keep in mind that scented soaps and body washes can be irritating too. Additionally, facial wash is great for washing if you have any existing irritation or blemishes

3. Exfoliate regularly

In addition to daily washing, you should exfoliate your underarms every so often. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, 1-2x per week should suffice. You can use a physical or chemical exfoliant. Follow up with a gentle, redhead-approved moisturizer.

4. Use a shaving lubricant

When shaving your underarms, you always need a good shaving lubricant. Shaving cream or shaving oil is great for sensitive skin. Also, make sure your razor is sharp and clean.

5. Wear loose clothing

If you frequently experience underarm irritation or sensitivity, it may be from wearing restrictive clothing. Chafing and irritation from clothing can be avoided by wearing looser-fitting clothing and letting your underarms breathe. 

6. Skip the deodorant at night

If you use an antiperspirant deodorant at night, you may be doing it to stop yourself fro sweating, but it can lead to clogged pores and armpit acne. Wash your underarms at night and avoid putting deodorant on until the next morning to allow them to breathe. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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6 Best Stocking Stuffers for Redheads in 2023

Add These to Your Gift List

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The countdown to the holidays is on, and that means it’s time to start shopping stocking stuffers. If you’re shopping for the redhead in your life, or you’re a redhead who needs some ideas for your holiday gift list, we’ve got you covered. These redhead-specific items are perfect for gifting (or getting) this holiday season:

1. Ginger Goddess Ceramic Mug

It might be a little big for your stocking, but this Ginger Goddess mug is a perfect holiday gift. Stuff it in the stocking if you can, or fill it with chocolates, a coffee gift card, or their favorite tea and make it a gift on its own.

NEW DESIGN Ginger Goddess Mug: $16

2. H2BAR Keychain

If you know a redhead who loves to show their ginger pride, this redhead keychain is perfect. It’s the H2BAR logo, which lets redheads know you’re part of the H2BAR community.

H2BAR Keychain: $10

3. Redhead Bobby Pins

Skip the brown and black bobby pins and opt for these redhead-specific ones. They blend in nicely with your hair while holding it tight. 

Redhead Bobby Pins: $9

4. Finally Have Lashes® – Auburn Mascara

The gift every redhead wants? Redhead mascara. It’s the perfect color for those “no makeup” days, and you will love seeing the reaction when your redhead giftee gets to match their lashes with their hair. 

Finally Have Lashes - Auburn Mascara: $28

5. Finally Have Brows® – Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel (Longwearing)

Give them brows! For redheads with light brows, a tinted redhead brow gel is a must. Add the Finally Have Brows Longwearing formula to their makeup collection and they will never look back. 

Finally Have Brows - Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel: $28

6. H2BAR Gift Card

Not sure what to get, or maybe you’re doing some last-minute shopping? An H2BAR gift card is a wonderful way to let the redhead in your life pick their own gift. We have tons of new products that are on pre-order or aren’t in the shop yet so this lets them shop for those too! 

H2BAR Gift Card

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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