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Redhead Hairstyles For Women to Get You Inspired

Short? Long? Braided? Curly?

redhead hair styles

Ready to change up your look? Finding the perfect redhead hairstyle for women can be tough, but tools like Pinterest and social media can make it easier. If you’ve ever searched for hairstyles on Pinterest, you know that the majority of them aren’t redheads. Unless you specify that you’re looking for red hair, you’ll see a feed of blondes and brunettes. Even after, you might notice there aren’t as many results. This can make it take some extra time to find those perfect inspo photos.

redhead hair styles

We gathered up some gorgeous redhead hairstyles from short to long and in between to help you out:

Short Styles

Whether you want your red hair super short, or just simply on the shorter side there are tons of short styles to choose from. You can go all in with a buzz cut, or keep some length on top. You can get something textured and layered like a wolf cut or stick to something sleek and simple like a bob

Medium / Long Styles

Long red hair is stunning, and there are so many options for how to style it. Maybe you have curly red hair or maybe you want bangs. Maybe your hair is super straight and sleek, or maybe you’ve got volume for days. Medium to long red hair can be changed up with layers and face-framing while keeping all that gorgeous length. 

Half-Up Styles

These are the styles that help you get your hair up out of your face while still keeping the shape and style of having it down. We love braids, clips, and half buns. You can also add barrettes, bows, and other hair accessories to achieve an adorable look. 

Updo Styles

For when you want your hair fully up, you can always go with a simple ponytail, but there are other options! Clip your hair back with a claw clip, or try a sophisticated low bun. Leave out some front pieces for a messier look, or slick it all back. Add a braid crown, or stick to what you know. 

Spring Updos

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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