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How Redheads Can Rock the French Pin Hairstyle

Easy, Cute and Comfortable!

We love a hair trend, and recently French Pins have been all the rage. They’ve been around for years, but seem to have gained more popularity the last two summers. The history of French hairpins can be traced back to the early 19th century when they first gained popularity in France. These hairpins, also known as “hairgrips” or “bobby pins,” were originally made from various materials such as metal, bone, or wood.

In the 1920s, during the Art Deco era, hairpins became more decorative and fashionable. They were often adorned with intricate designs, gemstones, and pearls, becoming not just functional but also stylish accessories for women’s hair.

Over the years, French hairpins evolved in design and materials, adapting to different fashion trends. Today, they remain a staple hair accessory worldwide, helping to secure hairstyles and adding a touch of elegance to various hairdos.

We love an updo for keeping our red hair out of our faces (and necks) this summer, so we’re all in on the French pin train. Unlike the claw clip, the French pin does take a bit more practice, but we’ve got a few tips and a couple of videos you can watch to learn how to rock the French pin in your red hair:

Tip 1: Opt for metal

Speaking of longer, thicker red hair, opt for metal. There are plastic French pins but unless your hair is quite thin or short they probably won’t last long. 

Tip 2: Adjust before you pin

The beauty of a French pin style is that if you do it right, it’s super secure. That being said, make sure you pull out any face-framing and adjust your look before you add the pin because once you do, it’s not moving without all of it coming undone. 

Tip 3: Insert and flip

You’ll notice French pins are curved, this is because you want to insert it upside down and then flip it to lock the hair in place. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use them:

1. Prepare your hair: Start with clean, dry, and styled hair. French pins work best with updos or half-up hairstyles, so gather the hair you want to pin back.

2. Create your desired hairstyle: Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can go for a classic bun, a chignon, a French twist, or any other updo style.

3. Hold your hairstyle in place: Once your hair is styled the way you like, use one hand to hold it in place while you use the other hand to insert the French pin.

4. Insert the French pin: Slide the French pin into the hair, starting from the outside and angling it inward. The U-shape of the pin should face downward, against your scalp. You can insert it diagonally or horizontally, depending on your hairstyle and the amount of hair you’re holding.

5. Secure the pin: Push the French pin all the way in until it feels snug and secure. Make sure it’s holding the hair firmly in place without being visible.

6. Add additional pins if needed: Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you might need to use multiple French pins to ensure a strong hold. Repeat the process with additional pins as required.

7. Adjust and finalize: Once all the French pins are in place, check your hairstyle in the mirror and make any necessary adjustments. Tuck in any loose strands and ensure the pins are hidden and not poking out.

Tip 4: Practice makes perfect 

Remember, practice makes perfect, especially if you’re new to using French pins. With some patience and experimentation, you’ll soon master the art of creating beautiful and sophisticated hairstyles with French pins. Watch these TikTok tutorials to keep practicing:

French Pin Bun


Put the pin in 2/3 way down the bun (in the outer spiral) angled upwards, push it through the hair and towards your head. Once you hit your scalp angle the pin vertically down and push through the bun, keeping the pin touching your head! It will hold all day 👌🏻 #hairhacks #hairtips #hairtutorial #frenchpin

♬ Paradise – Bazzi

French Twist and French Pin Bun


Replying to @Emma The french pin is a game changer.

♬ sonido original – yo

Half-Up French Pin Styles


Have you got yourself a french pin yet? #frenchpin #hairstyles #hairinspo #hairgoals

♬ Trampoline – SHAED

Tip 5: Find the best French pin for you: 

Most French pins come in about the same size, but if you have long, thick hair you probably want something thicker, heavier, and more sturdy. If you have shorter, thinner hair you may be able to get away with something thinner.

Metal French Pins – Kristin Ess French Pins

Kristin Ess French Pins: $10

Acrylic French Pins – HYFEEL French Hair Forks Tortoise Shell 

HYFEEL French Hair Forks Tortoise Shell: $16

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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