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IG Influencer Sets Example: Redhead Kids Don’t Always Have Redhead Parents

When Will People Learn?

redhead kids

Jessica Enslow, Instagram influencer and mom of seven, shares her beautiful family on social media frequently. One of the comments she gets the most is about her three youngest kids who all have red hair. Enslow had four (4) children before she met her current husband, and then three (3) more after they got together. The three (3) youngest children are, you guessed it…redheads!

People have flooded Enslow’s IG and TikTok posts with comments like, “Is the neighbor ginger?”, “You are not the father” and “Wait, but actually how..?” People seem floored that these two non-redhead parents could have redhead kids.

Now the odds of them having a redhead child is lower than it would be if one of them was a redhead, but as we know it’s not impossible. Many redheads are born to non-redhead parents. The reason is all about genetics. Red hair is a recessive genetic trait and it can skip generations before becoming apparent.

Are you wondering what the Enslow family needed to have redhead kids? They needed two (2) parents that carry the gene. Enslow recalls being shocked with she saw red hair on her first (1st) child with her husband Rob in 2010, but later the couple discovered red hair in both their families in earlier generations. They went on to have two (2) more redheaded children.

Some people might be offended by strangers saying their kids aren’t theirs, but the Enslow family has taken it in stride and even make funny videos about it. 


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Rock it like a Redhead!

Photo Credit: Jessica Enslow


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