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The 6 Best Colors For Redhead Kids To Wear

Learn what colors work best

redhead kids

Non-redhead parents may seek advice on how to dress their redhead children because they might be unfamiliar with the nuances of styling hair and choosing colors that complement their child’s unique features. Red hair can come with its own set of considerations, such as finding clothing colors that enhance the natural beauty of red hair without clashing or washing it out. Additionally, parents may want guidance on how to care for their child’s hair and scalp, as red hair can sometimes be more prone to certain issues like dryness or sensitivity to certain products. Overall, it’s about wanting to support and celebrate their young redhead’s individuality while also ensuring they look and feel their best.

First off, kids can wear anything! Being a child is all about learning self-expression and finding out who you are. Of course, eventually, your young redhead will be able to choose for themself, but you can help them now by not putting them into a box. Experiment with color and let them enjoy all the rainbow has to offer while they are still learning what suits them. That being said, if you’re a parent wondering what colors look best on redhead kids and what colors to avoid, you’ve come to the right place: 

1. Green

What color does every redhead look amazing in? The answer is green. Every redhead has their preference on what shade of green they like, but almost any redhead will tell you it’s a go-to. Deep emerald greens, light mossy greens, and every green in between. Green makes our red hair pop and for redheads with green eyes, it’s super complementary. Green is a wonderful gender-neutral color perfect for any kid, it hides the grass stains.

2. Blue

Right up there with green is blue. Most redheads love blue in one shade or another and it looks gorgeous with red hair. Blue-eyed redheads usually gravitate towards blue as well. Blue is a great staple color for any kid’s wardrobe. Dark navy is a wonderful alternative to black, and pale blue is great for kiddos you can’t trust in white. 

3. Purple

Like blue, purple is a wonderful cool toned option for redheads. From lavender and lilac to deep amethyst, you really can’t go wrong with purple and red hair. Purple also pairs well with the other colors on this list.

4. Pink

Some redhead love it, and some redheads won’t be caught dead in it. Pink can be a controversial color for redheads, but we think it’s an amazing option. A good rule of thumb for redheads wearing pink is to opt for either darker shades or brighter shades. Light pinks can often blend in with redhead skin tone and wash them out.

5. Red

Another controversial color for many redheads is the color red. Some people feel it’s too much with their red hair, but if you like to make a statement it’s a great option. For your little one there are probably tons of primary red clothing options, but you can also opt for more muted reds or darker more maroon colors and those will look great too. 

6. Orange / Yellow

We’re lumping these two together because redheads often have similar feelings about them. In the right shade, they are gorgeous with red hair. In the wrong shade they take away from the beautiful red color and offer nothing to fair skin. For little ones, yellow and orange are good safety colors so they can be easily spotted. But if you’re getting ready for family photos or want to dress your little redhead up nice, maybe try some more earthy versions of these colors like mustard or burnt orange instead of some of the brighter options. 

BONUS: Mix & Match

Mixing and matching colors for kids can be a blast! Here are some fun and playful combinations to try:

1. Rainbow Bright: Embrace all the colors of the rainbow in one outfit! Pair a rainbow-striped shirt with solid-colored pants or leggings to balance the vibrant hues.

2. Bold Contrast: Combine bold contrasting colors for a striking look. For example, pair a bright yellow top with royal blue bottoms or a hot pink skirt with a turquoise shirt.

3. Color Blocking: Create bold blocks of color by pairing garments in solid, complementary hues. Think a red top with blue pants or a yellow dress with green shoes.

4. Pastel Pretty: Soft pastel colors can create a dreamy and whimsical ensemble. Mix light pink with baby blue, pale yellow with mint green, or lavender with peach for a sweet look.

5. Monochrome Magic: Dressing in varying shades of the same color can be sophisticated and stylish. Try an outfit in shades of blue, green, or pink for a cohesive and polished look.

6. Print Party: Mix and match different prints and patterns for a fun and eclectic style. Pair striped leggings with a floral top or polka dot pants with a graphic tee for a playful ensemble.

7. Nature Inspired: Take inspiration from nature and pair earthy tones like olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange for a rustic and outdoorsy look.

8. Accessorize with Color: Don’t forget to add pops of color with accessories like hats, scarves, socks, and shoes. They’re an easy way to introduce additional colors into an outfit.

Encourage creativity and let kids express themselves through their clothing choices—it’s all about having fun and embracing their individual style.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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