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How Being a Sunburn-Prone Redhead Turned Nicole Kidman into a Mega Star

Who Knew Practicing Safe Skin Would Launch A Love of Acting?!

Nicole Kidman has been a household name in the acting world since the 90s, and one of the main reasons she got into acting? Her fair skin and red hair were her inspiration.

While we are used to seeing her blonde now, Kidman is a natural redhead and has very fair sunburn-prone skin. Growing up in sunny (and sometimes brutally hot) Australia meant many of her summers were spent indoors trying to prevent sunburns. Kidman explained in an interview that she would perform plays and act out all parts in her childhood bedroom to pass the time. It was these summers spent inside that really ignited her passion for acting and helped her decide that was the career path she wanted to pursue.

Kidman explains that she’s worn sunscreen religiously since she was a kid, even when the weather is cloudy. Caring for her complexion has helped Kidman stay youthful and vibrant looking much younger than her 54 years. 

Let’s take a peek at Nicole Kidman’s looks from childhood to present:

Nicole is pictured left and her sister, Antonia, right

Nicole Kidman’s mom, left, Nicole, center and her dad, right


Let’s take a last look at the before and present. Gorgeous then and now.

Rock it like a Redhead!