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8 Ways Redheads Can ‘Go Bed Ugly, Wake Up Pretty’

It's a new trend on TikTok

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You might have seen some of the “go to bed ugly, wake up pretty” trending videos as you scroll on social media. It’s a new trend that embraces the idea of doing everything you can at night to wake up looking your best. This means you may spend less time getting ready in the morning. There are a few common steps that most girls are taking when getting ready for bed, but you can customize the routine to fit your skin, hair, and routine. We recommend cleansing your face to remove any dirt or makeup, moisturize to keep  skin hydrated, and consider using products like overnight masks or serums tailored to your skin type. Additionally, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated can also contribute to a refreshed appearance in the morning. Beauty comes from self-care and confidence, so embrace your natural beauty at every step of your routine.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can “go to bed ugly” and “wake up pretty”:

1. Heatless curls

Probably the most common step is the heatless curls. This one saves you the most time in the morning and makes the biggest difference. There are a lot of different ways you can achieve heatless curls, or a heatless blowout overnight.

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2. Heavy moisturizer

Before bed is the perfect time to hydrate your skin. This includes your face, your hands, your feet and your arms and legs. Slathering on a heavy moisturizer will have you waking up with soft, smooth, hydrated skin. You can even pop on moisturizing gloves and socks to lock in the hydration on your hands and feet overnight. 


the uglier you go to bed the hotter you wake up? Ib @Mikealla Wegner #heatlesscurls #nightroutine

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3. Pimple Control

Say bye-bye to your pimples and treat them while you sleep. Pimple patches, acne treatments, and drying lotions are all great ways to combat your blemishes while you’re fast asleep in bed.

4. Under-eye cream + patches

Lathering on the under-eye cream and/or under-eye patches can help to reduce puffiness, dryness, and bags under the eyes. Just make sure if you’re using under-eye patches they are safe to be worn for 8+ hours. 

5. Self tanner

We all know a faux tanner left on overnight gives the best glow, and if you haven’t heard of sunless tanner contouring, you’ve got to check it out. Both of these steps will leave you glowing and sculpted in the morning. 

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whole routine> @Mirta Miler 🎀 this transition tho?

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6. Lash + brow serums

Another step is lash and brow serums. Warning: make sure they are safe to be worn overnight and won’t irritate your eyes while sleeping. For a more natural option, check out castor oil.

7. Lip hydration

Lip masks, heavy lip balms, and other lip treatments can have you waking up with soft, hydrated lips. We often wipe off our lip balm during the day by talking, eating, and drinking, so this is the perfect time to let it soak in. 

8. Wrinkle prevention

From face taping to chin straps, there are a ton of different products that claim to prevent wrinkles while you sleep. Who knows? It might be worth a try.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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