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How Redheads Can Rock: Pink Lipstick

Look Pretty in Pink!

Pink Lipstick

We want redheads to know they can rock anything!

For redheads new to makeup, it can be tempting to stay within the “neutral” boxes and follow some of the outdated makeup guidelines online. If you followed our How Redheads Can Wear series, we’re kicking off a new How Redheads Can Rock series focusing on makeup trends, unique tips, and busting myths that redheads can/can’t wear this or that.

This time, we’re talking about pink lipstick. Much like nude lipstick is a staple in a makeup collection, pink should be too. Some redheads shy away from the color pink and think a pink lip will be “too bold” or “clash” with their red hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Pink is a spectrum and there are light pinks, bright pinks, and everything in between. Remember if you have fair skin, your lips are probably naturally pink and choosing the right pink lipstick will make a world of difference.

We’re here to help you find the right shade of pink, and to teach you how to love it: 

How to pink the right pink for you + your red hair

The range of pink lipsticks is massive, and you can find everything from a very pale frosty pink to darker berry shades. You can also get bright fuschia, warm coral pinks, and more cool-toned mauve pinks. The pink shade you like is all about preference, but there are a few tips for finding a shade that’s flattering for your skin tone and shade of red hair. 

  • Get a redhead-approved lipstick: The best way to find a flattering shade for redheads? Buy a redhead lipstick! Finally Bold® Perfectly Pink is THE pink shade for redheads and we know you are going to love it.

Finally Bold® Lipsticks

  • Test colors for you: The first thing to decide is if you want a light pink shade, a natural pink shade, or a dark/bright pink shade. You may find that you like more blue-toned pinks in lighter shades and warmer pinks in darker shades, or you might find you like a neutral pink that closely matches your lips. Testing different lipsticks will help you decide. You can also look for models with similar coloring wearing the shades you’re shopping for. 
  • Match your lips (or nips): If you’re going for a naturally flattering shade of pink, try matching it to your lip’s natural color. They also say your perfect shade is the color of your nipple, but we can neither confirm nor deny this rumor. You’ll just have to try for yourself. 
  • Consider your undertone: Determine if you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones in your skin. Warmer pinks tend to suit those with warm undertones, while cooler pinks complement cool undertones.
  • Match with your hair color: Redheads have a wide range of hair shades, so consider whether your hair has more copper, auburn, or strawberry tones when selecting pink lipstick.
  • Start with lighter shades: If you’re new to pink lipstick, start with lighter shades and gradually work your way up to bolder ones to see what suits you best. Finally Bold® Perfectly Pink is a great beginner shade for any redhead.
  • Try coral and peachy tones: Coral and peachy pink lipsticks can complement red hair beautifully, adding warmth to the complexion.
  • Experiment with berry tones: Berry-pink shades can also look stunning on redheads, providing a vibrant pop of color without clashing with your hair.
  • Avoid pale or pastel pinks: Pale or pastel pinks may wash out redheads, so opt for shades that have more depth and vibrancy.
  • Test before purchasing: Always swatch the lipstick on your skin or try it on your lips before purchasing to ensure it complements your overall look.
  • Consider lip liner: Using a lip liner can help define your lips and prevent feathering, especially with bold or bright pink shades.
  • Take lighting into account: Natural and artificial lighting can affect how lipstick looks on you, so test it in different lighting conditions before making a decision.
  • Trust your instincts: Ultimately, go with the shade that makes you feel confident and beautiful, regardless of any “rules” about lipstick shades for redheads.

How to rock pink lipstick with other makeup

Pink is just as versatile as nude, maybe even more so. Nude lipstick looks like lipstick, but pink can be so subtle it looks like your lips, but better. A few ways we love to rock our pink lipstick is: 

  • Rosy-blushed look: Wearing a rosy pink look on your face can bring warmth and brightness. Pair your pink lipstick with some rosy pink cheeks and maybe even a little pink on the eyelids. This cohesive look is stunning on redheads. 
  • Soft glam: A neutral pink lip is the perfect way to finish off a soft glam look. It feels very natural and brings warmth to the face without taking away from your glam look. 
  • Special occasion makeup: Pink is perfect for weddings and other big events. When you’re being photographed, it’s easy for your lips to get lost on your face, but a good pink lip will define them enough to enhance your features without making your lips the focus of the photos. Pink is also a timeless look that won’t feel dated.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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