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Who Said Redheads Can’t Pull Off BRIGHT Pink Lipstick? Jessica Chastain Proves Everyone Wrong

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By: Sassy Auburn

People often say, “Redheads can’t wear pink lipstick.” Redhead star, Jessica Chastain attended the movie screening of Lawless and looks fabulous with pink lipstick, right?! Whoever said redheads can’t wear this shade is wrong. You just have to pink the right color.

Just like their are many shades of red hair, there are also many shades of pink. Like with everything else, you need to test and experiment. In my endeavors, I have found that the darker-skinned redheads look better in lighter pink lipsticks and light-skinned redheads look better in brighter, deeper pinks.

Pink lips can be tricky since pink lip products are everywhere, by every brand, in every shade, for every price. It’s not a bad idea to park yourself in front of the makeup counter at Sephora and experiment for an hour or two. I have several pinks in my makeup bag and I always choose the color that is best for the event I am attending. But, my go to pink “redhead friendly” lipstick is L’Oreal Paris’ Colour Riche Lipcolour in ‘Tickled Pink’ topped with L’Oreal’s ‘Infallible 8 HR’ Le Gloss in ‘Posey.’ Both give you just enough color to make your lips look incredibly sexy and has good, long wear power!

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Being a redhead doesn’t mean you have to show your tough side all the time. Find some gentle pinks that work for you to keep you looking naturally chic without too much effort.

Rock it like a Redhead!