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Redhead With Acne? What Pimples Really Mean, According to Science

You're not alone! Use the acne face map to determine why you have certain breakouts

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You may notice your body produces different kinds of acne and blemishes. Did you know different types of acne are actually caused by different things and some need to be treated differently than others? We might recall our 2014 posts about acne face map guide and understanding different types of breakouts. Well, we’re back to talk more in depth about what pimples mean on different parts of your face: 

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1. Forehead/Nose

Forehead acne often occurs when the pores get clogged. One of the main reasons pores in the forehead get clogged is from hair care products. Shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, and other products can lead to build-up in the pores. Try reducing the use of products that contain sulfates, and oils. Additionally, avoid touching the area. 

Blackheads and blemishes on the nose are often caused by a buildup of oils. Oils are naturally occurring in our skin and can help keep it hydrated and healthy, but an excess of oils can lead to acne. Getting an extraction, exfoliating regularly, and using pore strips are all ways to help clear some of the build-ups from your nose and prevent blemishes. 

2. Cheeks

Blemishes on the cheeks are the most common and the hardest to figure out why they happen. Our cheeks are very sensitive and they come in contact with a lot throughout the day. From using a phone to sleeping your cheeks just end up getting acne more often than not. Keeping your face clean, avoiding touching your face, cleaning your phone, and washing your pillowcases regularly can help reduce cheek acne. 

3. Jawline/Chin

Typically acne appearing around the lower cheeks, jawline, and chin is hormonal acne. This can be caused by increased stress, a bad diet, or your menstrual cycle. Reducing stress, and cutting out foods like dairy, fats, and sugars are two ways to combat this type of acne. If your acne is being caused by your period, you may consider taking hormonal birth control or consulting a dermatologist, but blemishes near a woman’s period are very normal and typically go away once the period cycle is over.

4. Eyebrow Area 

The eyebrow area is usually due to waxing, threading, tweezing, beauty products or ingrown hairs.

5. Hairline 

If you’re breaking out right by your hairline, it might be due to oily hair or sensitivity to products

6. Ears 

This is less common, but it can happen and is usually due to hormones or stress. If you have an allergic reaction to foods or products, your ears are usually the first part of the body to give you a warning.

Other type of acne: Back Acne

Back acne, also known as bacne typically occurs on your shoulders or upper back. Bacne often occurs when pores are clogged or irritated by build-up. This can be caused by improper washing of clothes, skin, and hair, hormonal changes, or even hair care products that irritate the skin. 

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