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4 Ways Redheads Can Rock Natural Blonde Brows

Rocking the brows you were born with is beautiful, and you don’t have to tint or color your redhead brows to embrace them.

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Eyebrows can have a big impact on how your face looks because they play a significant role in framing the face and expressing emotions. They help define facial features, contribute to symmetry, and can convey various expressions such as surprise, anger, or confusion. For many redheads, eyebrows can also be a sore subject. Much like the rest of our body hair, redhead brows and lashes are often a very light reddish blonde color and can appear “invisible”

Redheads often have lighter eyebrows due to genetics. The same gene that causes red hair can also affect the color of eyebrows and other body hair, resulting in lighter shades like blonde or even light brown. This variation in color adds to the unique appearance of individuals with red hair.

H2BAR co-founders Adrienne and Stephanie experienced trouble finding products for their blonde brows and that’s how the Finally Have Brows® brow product line was born. The line is made up of two tinted brow gels, one brow pencil, and a clear brow gel.

But what about redheads who want to rock a natural brow look? Rocking the brows you were born with is beautiful, and you don’t have to tint or color your redhead brows to embrace them. Want a few tips? We got you, redhead babe:

Finally Have Brows® 

1. Shape your brows

If you’re rocking the light brow look, it sometimes feels like brow maintenance isn’t necessary. But if you want to make your natural brows more defined without makeup you can do so by cleaning up the edges. A fresh, sharp, shaped brow will stand out more than an overgrown one and can help your brows be a little more prominent. 

Perfecting the eyebrow shape involves considering your unique characteristics. Here are some tips:

1. Consider Your Natural Brow Shape: Work with your natural eyebrow shape as a foundation and enhance it rather than trying to drastically change it.

2. Choose the Right Shade: Opt for eyebrow products that match your red hair color. You might need to experiment with different shades to find the perfect match.

3. Soft Arch: Redheads often look great with soft, gently arched brows. Avoid overly angular shapes, as they can appear harsh against fair skin and hair.

4. Brush and Trim Regularly: Keep your eyebrows groomed by brushing them upwards and trimming any excess length. This helps maintain a neat appearance.

5. Blend Well: Make sure to blend the product well to avoid any harsh lines or patches. A spoolie brush can help soften the color and blend it seamlessly.

Remember, the goal is to enhance your natural beauty and create a flattering frame for your eyes, so embrace your unique features and have fun experimenting with different eyebrow shapes and styles.

2. Define and style

Rocking a natural brow is easy with a clear brow gel. It will give you the shape and hold you want without adding any color. You can rock the light brow while taming and defining to help your brows stand out on your face. Here’s how to use Finally Have Brows Clear Brow Gel effectively:

1. Start with Clean Brows: Make sure your eyebrows are clean and free of any old product or oil before applying the clear gel.

2. Brush Brows Upwards: Use the spoolie brush that comes with the Finally Have Lashes Ultra Fine Pencil to brush your eyebrow hairs upwards. This helps to lift and separate the hairs, creating a fuller look.

3. Apply Gel:  Start by applying the Finally Have Brows Clear Brow Gel to the inner corners of your eyebrows and work your way outwards, following the natural direction of your hair growth.

4. Comb and Shape: Use the spoolie brush to comb through your eyebrows, shaping them into place. Pay attention to any areas where the hairs may be unruly or sticking out, and use the gel to tame them.

5. Blend Any Excess: If you’ve applied too much gel or notice any clumps, use a clean spoolie brush or a cotton swab to gently blend and remove any excess product.

6. Allow to Set: Let the Finally Have Brows Clear Brow Gel dry and set for a few moments. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyebrows during this time to prevent smudging.

Using clear brow gel is a simple and effective way to achieve a natural-looking brow shape while still keeping your hairs in place. It’s a versatile product that can be used on its own or as a finishing touch to your brow routine.

Finally Have Brows® - Clear Brow Gel: $25 

3. Fill in Sparse Areas

This might be cheating, but you can still rock the natural look with just a little help. Using the Finally Have Lashes Ultra Fine Pencil, you can lightly fill in any sparse areas. There won’t be too much color transfer if you apply it gently and it can help define your brows while still keeping the look you like. 

Finally Have Brows® - Ultra Fine Redhead Pencil: $30 

4. Enhance Your Eyes and Keep Balance

If you’re keeping your brows light, you can always draw interest to your face by defining your eyes a little more. Adding mascara and even a light brown liner can help to define the eyes. With natural brows, it’s best to keep makeup minimal and subtle so it looks more natural. This will help to keep the balance in your face. Heavy glam with light, natural brows might look unbalanced and draw focus on your face downward. 

Finally Have Lashes® - Perfectly Brown: $30 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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