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Lindsay Lohan ‘Very Hurt’ By Joke In New ‘Mean Girls’ Movie

We're happy Lohan spoke up and expressed her disappointment

There’s a new adaptation of the 2000s hit movie Mean Girls (2004). The new film of the same title — Mean Girls (2024) — comes at the 20th anniversary of the original. The film is a mash-up of the movie and Broadway music. In the original movie, redhead icon Lindsay Lohan plays a new girl in school, Cady Heron. In the new movie, Cady is played by Australian actress, Angourie Rice. 

Rice’s hair is more of a strawberry blonde in the film as opposed to Lohan’s vivid red locks. However, this didn’t stop the writers from throwing in a highly inappropriate redhead “joke.” We put “joke” in quotes because we do not like it’s funny. It’s also why we at H2BAR never mention this redhead insult on social, website articles, etc. 

During the new Mean Girls movie, there’s a statement made about Cady’s Christmas-themed talent show outfit, saying “Y2K fire crotch is back.” The line is delivered by rapper Megan Thee Stallion who cameos in the show and also contributed a song to the soundtrack. The movie refers to redheads as a “fire crotches” which is offensive on its own, but this is assumed to be a dig at the original Cady (Lindsay Lohan). 

The term “fire crotch” refers to redheads having red or orange pubic hairs, and frankly, someone else’s body hair shouldn’t be up for public comment. 

If you’re wondering, the derogatory term is supposedly tied to a 2006 incident between Lohan and Paris Hilton. Two years after the release of the original Mean Girls movie, Lindsay Lohan and fellow 2000s icon Paris Hilton had a falling out. Shortly after, a video went viral online showing Hilton with friend Brandon Davis –who shouts several rude comments to paparazzi about Lohan, one of which refers to her “fire crotch”. Hilton is seen laughing at the rude remarks about her former friend. 

Strangely, this joke was included in the new Mean Girls movie, when Tina Fey (who wrote both the 2004 and 2024 versions of the movie) made a statement about cutting problematic jokes from the 2004 version when rewriting for the 2024 version. Why was this new one, which wasn’t even in the original 20 years ago, included now? Isn’t inclusivity supposed to be at an all-time high? 

Lohan, who also made a cameo in the newest adaption of Mean Girls and walked the premiere red carpet is said to have not been aware of the joke before seeing the film. Her reps have expressed her disgust with a quote in a People article saying, “Lindsay was very hurt and disappointed by the reference in the film.”

For redheads, this is one of the worst comments to get. Not only because it’s demeaning, but it can also be embarrassing and feel shameful. 

No matter what, continue to Rock it like a Redhead! 

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