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6 Flawless Responses When Someone Makes an Offensive Redhead Joke

Laughter is the best medicine after all.

The world seems to be more intense than ever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our redhead sense of humor to spread some cheer and share a few laughs.

Here are some offensive jokes people frequently mention to redheads and what our responses should be, with a touch of sass:

Q: Having a frizzy hair day?

A: My red hair has a mind of its own and it felt like rebelling! (That always gets me some good laughs) 

Q: Are redheads going extinct?

A: (The greatest sarcastic response): Yeah, it’s such a shame. What is a world without beautiful redheads in it? That’s certainly not the type of society I want to be a part of. (Que the laughter)

Q: Feeling insecure about your inability to tan this summer?

A: It is such a struggle to keep up with my paleness. Seriously, anyone can tan but it is especially challenging to maintain a skin tone between tomato red and pasty white. 

Q: How do you feel about being so different? 

A: As a redhead, I am a fruit loop in a world of cheerios. And sometimes cheerios just don’t appreciate the beauty fruit loops bring to the world. 

Q: I heard redheads don’t have souls. Is that true? 

A: Honestly, with the way you are acting right now, I have more of a soul in one strand of my red hair than you have in your entire body. (Drop the mic. Peace out.)

Q: Do you think so many Disney characters have red hair to single you out? 

A: I personally think there’s a reason why so many Disney princesses have red hair — it’s probably because we’re magical.


Rock it like a Redhead!