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5 Redhead Skincare Rules to Follow This Summer

...all super easy too!

This year, let’s go one step further than your normal summer redhead skincare routine. We all know the importance of practicing safe skin during sunny, summer months by applying and reapplying sunscreen until you’re a walking suntan bottle. But for fair, fiery redheads, there are even more skincare rules you should abide by to protect your delicate skin.

Follow our top tips for taking care of your skin this summer and you’ll be happy as a clam – and safely stay as fair as a pearl or a bronzed beauty (if you’re into that)!

1. Throw some shade… onto your beautiful face

Literally, get yourself some shade! Limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun will help keep it young and healthy looking. So, why not add a fashionable accessory that doubles as protection? Whether you rock a casual straw beach hat or extravagant floppy headwear, wide rim hats should be your new best friend. We recommend throwing one in your car or beach bag to always be prepared.

2. Hydration station

Of course, you can enjoy the occasional cocktail or chilled glass of white wine, but don’t forget to hydrate with good ol’ H20. Acting as the outermost defense layer, your skin’s main job is to protect what’s inside. By staying hydrated your body is not only able to function better on the inside, but your skin can be strong and healthy on the outside. So, refill your glass (or water bottle) and help your complexion glow from within.

3. Don’t be picky

You can pick your outfits, your music and even your dessert. But please don’t pick at your skin! With such beautiful fair skin comes delicate reactions to everything in contact. Not only does the act of pimple popping and blemish scratching cause more irritation, it can increase scarring. Be kind to your skin and make picking a thing of the past.

4. Call it a night

Summertime means longer days and sometimes longer nights, but your skin will thank you when you get 8 hours of sleep. You can’t expect your skin to look happy and healthy without proper rest. Redhead skin can be the most delicate of all and tired eyes will show the next morning. We always recommend 8 hours of sleep for the best opportunity to recharge.

5. Skin Therapy

Last but not least, your skin care products of choice should always include natural ingredients that contain healing properties.  Your daily cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen should multitask, just like you. Go for products that are Organic Aloe Vera based and will actually help maintain healthy skin, like TriDerma’s Facial Redness Cleanser. The most beneficial products will help reduce inflammation – hello rosy cheeks – and provide lasting moisture. Bonus points, it is also cruelty-free.

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By: Tess Fox, Director of Marketing at TriDerma® Skincare, a line of botanical based skin healing products made with AP4® Organic Aloe Complex and other carefully selected ingredients.