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Julianne Moore Breaks Down Her Beauty Rules with Harrods

At 62-years-young, she only continues to get more and more gorgeous!

Julianne Moore is an icon not only in film but in the world of redheads. Unlike many redheads actresses, Moore’s red hair is natural and she embraces it every chance she gets. Recently, Moore sat down with Harrods to talk all about things beauty — including her tips, tricks, and favorite products. Here are some of our favorite highlights: 

Water, water, water

When it comes to wellness, this redhead isn’t messing around. She starts every day with two big glasses of water and some chlorophyll drops because she heard it was good for her skin. We think it’s working because at 62-years-young, she’s looking more radiant than ever. She follows up her water with two cups of coffee because she’s a busy lady.

Drinking water in the morning offers several benefits, such as hydrating your body after a night’s rest, aiding digestion and metabolism, flushing out toxins, and boosting your energy levels. It can also help kickstart your brain function and support overall well-being throughout the day.

Drinking water before coffee in the morning serves several purposes:

1. Rehydration: During the night, the body loses water through sweating and breathing. Drinking water upon waking helps rehydrate the body and kickstart bodily functions.

2. Aids digestion: Drinking water before coffee can prepare the digestive system for the intake of coffee, which can sometimes be acidic and potentially upset the stomach.

3. Reduces acidity: Coffee is acidic, and drinking water before it can help dilute the acid content, making it gentler on the stomach.

4. Boosts metabolism: Drinking water in the morning can temporarily boost metabolism, helping to increase energy levels and alertness.

Overall, starting the day with water before coffee is a healthy practice that promotes hydration and can minimize potential digestive discomfort caused by coffee consumption.

Makeup favorites

Of course, the article dives into her beauty favorites, and as the face of Hourglass Cosmetics, it’s no surprise her ride-or-die products are mostly all from the brand. Some things Moore can’t live without include: 

Epsom salts + yoga  

Moore also enjoys yoga at least once a week, sometimes up to three times a week and has been practicing yoga for over twenty-two years. “I Feel better when I do yoga. When I’m not working, I do it three times a week. When I’m working, I’m lucky if I do it once a week,” Moore tells Harrods. “There were periods during the pandemic where I did it six days a week and it really got me through, and my body felt phenomenal.”

She also expresses her love for epsom salts*, also known as magnesium sulfate. They have several potential benefits:

1. Muscle relaxation: Epsom salts can be added to warm bathwater to help relax muscles, reduce tension, and alleviate soreness. The magnesium in the salts may aid in easing muscle cramps and promoting relaxation.

2. Stress relief: Soaking in an Epsom salt bath can create a calming and soothing effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Skin health: Epsom salts can potentially improve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. They may help soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation.

4. Detoxification: Some people believe that Epsom salt baths can assist in detoxifying the body by drawing out toxins through the skin.

Eyebrow talk 

It’s funny how stars are just like the rest of us and also endured the thin-brow trends of the 90s and 2000s. Moore, too, regrets destroying her eyebrows as a teen and it’s something she will never forget. 

If you don’t remember, the 1990s were famous for thin eyebrows. Some other redhead ‘by choice’ icons sported thin brows during that time included:

1. Drew Barrymore: A redhead ‘by choice’, the actress and producer was known for her thin, arched eyebrows in the ’90s.

2. Christina Hendricks: Although not as famous in the ’90s as she became later on, Christina Hendricks, known for her role in Mad Men, also had thin eyebrows during that era.

3. Gillian Anderson: The actress, best known for her role as Dana Scully in The X-Files, often had thin eyebrows during the ’90s.

4. Alyson Hannigan: Known for her role as Willow Rosenberg in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alyson Hannigan’s eyebrows were notably thin during the ’90s.

Moore talks about who taught her what natural beauty is + we’re thanking her, too

My daughter taught me what natural beauty really is. She’s so beautiful. She really is. I look at her face and I just think she’s glorious looking but she’s beautiful on the inside too,” says Moore.

We thought this would be a great opportunity for the H2BAR writing team to explore what Moore has taught us and the redhead community:

Let’s go back to how Julianne Moore gained fame. It was through her exceptional acting talent and versatility. She appeared in various films and television shows, gradually building her reputation as a skilled actress. Some of her notable roles in films like Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, and Magnolia contributed significantly to her rise to stardom. Additionally, her performances in critically acclaimed movies like Far from Heaven and Still Alice further solidified her status as a respected and accomplished actress in Hollywood.

Julianne Moore is considered an iconic redhead in the entertainment industry and has taught us all:

1. To love our red hair: Of course, Julianne Moore’s vibrant red hair is her natural color, which is quite rare in Hollywood. Her unique hair color sets her apart from many other actors and actresses, making her easily recognizable and memorable. The way she has embraced her red hair has taught us to love our unique hair, too.

2. Be versatile: Despite being known for her red hair, Moore is an exceptionally versatile actress. She has portrayed a wide range of characters in different genres, proving that her talent and skills extend beyond her appearance. We’re so thankful for this because Moore has taught us to explore different parts of ourselves.

3. Be consistent: Throughout her career, Julianne Moore has maintained her red hair, which has become an integral part of her public image and brand. Moore has never given up on her hair and we won’t either.

4. Claim your presence: Moore’s striking red hair often draws attention on red carpets and in media appearances, further contributing to her iconic status. She was one of the first redheads represented on the red carpet and we’re so thankful we had her representing all redheads. It gave us all a confidence boost,

5. Age is just a number: Julianne Moore’s career has spanned several decades, and her red hair has remained a consistent feature, solidifying her as an enduring symbol of redheaded beauty in Hollywood. Because of this, the redhead community stands by her and will continue to cheer her on.

If we have the pleasure of speaking on behalf of all redheads, we’d like to thank her for being the beloved and iconic figure that she is. We will also be adding Epsom salts, yoga and her recommended beauty products to our routine STAT!

Rock it like a Redhead! 

*It’s essential to note that while Epsom salts offer potential benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using them, especially if you have certain health conditions or allergies.


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