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Julianne Moore’s Red Hair Use To Make Her Feel “Like An Outsider”

She opened up to The New York Times about her journey to confidence

Stunning redheads celebs are often the driving force behind younger redheads learning to love how they look, but for one celeb she hasn’t always felt confident in her red hair. Julianne Moore is an award-winning actress and is beloved by many. She’s known for her stunning red hair and light freckles, but in a recent interview with The Times, she admitted she hasn’t always loved her signature look.

“My red hair made me feel like an outsider growing up,” Moore says. She goes on to explain that “redheads are 2% of the global population. Nobody wants to feel like they’re in the minority, particularly as a young child.”

This is a sentiment many of us redheads understand all too well. Like Moore, many of us learn to embrace our red hair and freckles (if we have them) as we grow up. Moore goes on to say, “Now I feel very identified with my hair and freckles,” she noted, “but there’s still a part of me that would rather be a tanned blonde.”

Blonde hair and perfectly golden tan skin have become somewhat of a beauty standard in America, and even celebs feel the pressure to conform to that. Moore understands this all too well but as an adult, she has learned that “beauty and prettiness are subjective.”

As redheads, we are so unique in our features and our look. For many of us, even celebrities, it can take time to really learn to appreciate the ways we are special and really feel beautiful.


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