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The Many Iconic Redheads on The Graham Norton Show

But the video is missing one of our favorite redheads of all time..

The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show is a popular BBC comedy talk show that focuses on people, trends, stories, and pop culture. Many notable names have sat on the big red sofa, and among those, there have been a number of redheads. Recently, the show put an “Iconic Redheads” compilation video on their YouTube channel with clips of some of the best redhead guests they have had over the years. 

The video features clips from interviews with tons of redhead celebs like Nicole Kidman who talks about her experience on the cover of Dolly Magainze which was a popular teen magazine in Australia. Kidman, who is a natural redhead, but appears on the show with blonde hair, let viewers in on a little secret. She states that her hair wasn’t actually as red as the magazine wanted it, so they dyed it more vibrant for the cover photo.

Jessica Chastain comes up twice in the video, once when she’s mentioned by name by actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Howard told a story about how in the “early days of acting”, she and Chastain were often mistaken for one another.

Chastain then has her own clip where she talks about how UK people are mean to redheads, which isn’t the case as often in the United States. She even mentioned how she’s been in other countries filming movies and had British men yell at her for being a “ginger”. Her parents prepped her for this by teaching her some cute comebacks. 

Other clips include Isla Fisher showing off her pig impersonation, Emma Stone talking about her dream to move to LA and become an actor at just 14, and Ed Sheeran and his double who is often hired for work Ed Sheeran can’t commit to a job. Celebs Amy Adams, Karen Gillan, and Michael Fassbender are also featured in the video. 

We are very surprised Julianne Moore wasn’t featured in the video. She has been a guest on show many times. Here’s one of our favorite clips of Moore on The Graham Norton show in February 2023:

Are you a fan of the show? Rock it like a Redhead!

Photo Credit: Graham Norton Show


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