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Nicole Kidman’s Evolving Look from Natural Redhead to Blonde

She has changed her look many times over the years! Here are 16 photos to prove it:

Nicole Kidman, who is getting worldwide praise for her role in HBO’s Big Little Lies, has dyed her hair bleach blonde for many years now. Many have forgotten she is a natural redhead! Let’s take a look down memory lane and see some photos of her from the early days until now:

  1. 1983

The Australian natural redhead was taught to protect her skin from the sun. “I had to stay in far more than most kids,” said Kidman. “My sister was chocolate-colored, swimming and surfing, and I’d be on my bed reading and dreaming.”

2. 1987

The Australian TV star rocked her natural red curls.

3. 1989 

“I don’t have the kind of hair that you can have a hairstyle with,” the redhead actress once told People.

4. 1993 

“This is the playful Nicole,” hairstylist David Babaii said of this look. “She’s not afraid to experiment. She’ll try anything.”

5. 1996 

Kidman won a Golden Globe for To Die For wearing a red retro bouffant.

6. 1999

The actress starred alongside then-husband Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, and wore her curls in softer, looser waves.

7. 2000

Kidman attend Cruise’s Mission Impossible 2 premiere. She began wearing her hair straight this year. Her hair was still strawberry blonde.

8. 2003 

After she divorced Cruise, she went blonde and cut her hair short.

9. 2005 

Nominated for her role in Birth, Kidman attended the Golden Globes with an undone updo in golden blonde.

10. 2008 

She fully embraced blonde locks by this point and also welcomed a brand new baby with husband Keith Urban.

11. 2009 

She went back to her auburn/strawberry locks for the premiere of Nine.

12. 2010 

She went deeper auburn this year as she supported her husband at the Grammy awards.

13. 2011

She went back to her redhead roots for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

14. 2012 

For the Golden Globes, she went back to strawberry blonde (again).

15. 2015

Kidman dons a beach blonde updo at the premiere of Paddington.

16. 2018

Nicole Kidman was super blonde for the 2018 SAG Awards. She won her 10th SAG Award and made this powerful speech:

She might not be a redhead now, but we will always think of her as one! How about you?

Rock it like a Redhead!