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9 Redhead Stereotypes: Are Any Of These True?

Which of These Have You Heard?

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding hair color — we wrote about 8 of them specifically for redheads a few years ago. For other hair colors, blondes are perceived as being dumb, but fun. Brunettes are usually perceived as being smarter, but more boring. Redheads may experience more stereotypes than any other hair color. The way redheads are seen by society has a lot to do with pop culture, but also with history and the way redheads have been treated throughout the years. Here are 9 stereotypes that seem to be pretty universal for redheads:

1. Redheads have feisty or fiery personalities

We’re not sure where this stereotype came from, but it’s simply not true. Many redheads are meek or shy, and some may have big personalities, but it has nothing to do with our hair color. The stereotype of redheads being feisty or fiery likely originated from cultural associations with the color red, which is often associated with intensity, passion, and strong emotions. Additionally, red hair is relatively rare, making it stand out and potentially leading to the development of stereotypes. These stereotypes are not based on any scientific evidence and vary widely in accuracy.

2. Having red hair means you have a short temper 

Going along with the personality stereotype, lots of people think that red hair = a short temper or easily angered. This may be because the color red is associated with things like anger and danger, but redheads have all sorts of tempers just like other hair colors. We might get a little annoyed if you keep stereotyping us, though! 

3. Awkward vs promiscuous

There are two separate stereotypes for redhead men and redhead women. Usually, redhead men are seen as being awkward or nerdy, while redhead women are seen as being highly promiscuous or sexual. These perceptions likely stem from societal stereotypes and cultural portrayals rather than any inherent traits of redheads. Stereotypes about redhead men being awkward or nerdy may be influenced by portrayals in media and popular culture, while stereotypes about redhead women being promiscuous may derive from historical associations of red hair with sensuality or from media representations. It’s important to recognize that these stereotypes are not based on facts and vary widely in accuracy.

4. All redheads have freckles 

Most people think that all redheads have freckles. While it’s true a large majority do, there are tons of redheads without. Just like there are tons of people with blonde or brunette hair, who have freckles. The redhead gene and the freckle gene are not one. 

5. Redheads have no soul

This one you’ve probably heard a million times, and we blame pop culture… partially. History is also to blame because throughout history redheads were seen as witches, and even vampires. It’s long been believed that having red hair made someone something other than human, or human as we know it. Which simply isn’t true!

6. Redheads come from Irish decent 

A common misconception and stereotype is that all redheads have some sort of Irish descent. While Ireland does have one of the most redhead-dense populations, redheads can come from anywhere in the world!

7. Redheads can’t go in the sun & always sunburn

The stereotype that redheads cannot go in the sun is false, we can go in the sun but we choose not to. Redheads are at a much higher risk of skin cancer, and avoiding sun is the best way to keep our skin safe. Most redheads do sunburn easily, but not all. Some redheads can even get a tan! Although it’s still putting them at risk for skin cancer. 

8. All redheads are related 

Ever been out in public with a friend and seen a redhead stranger and been asked if you know them, or have strangers assume you’re related to any redhead they see? Yeah, that’s common. Because redheads are rare, people don’t see too many and automatically assume we all come from the same family. 

9. Redheads always have redhead babies 

Most people assume that if you have red hair your kids will too. Most redheads get told how cute their redhead babies will be. The truth is, you’re not guaranteed a redhead baby unless you have a child with another redhead. A baby can only have red hair if both parents carry the gene, even if it’s recessive.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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