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A Redhead’s Temper: How to De-Stress and Relax

Updated: April 5, 2021

By: Guest Writer, Maddy Richards

Redheads are known for their fiery temper. Did you know fierce temper stems from the fact that the Scots, with their high percentage of red haired people, are descended from the Celts, & could be notoriously violent warriors?

Well, having a temper is something I’ve come to accept and embrace! However, stress can often lead to a trigger in that temper, and in my experience, has led me to lash out at people who really didn’t deserve it. Thus, I have created the de-stress list (specially for redheads).

This list will help you beat all the stresses that January brings, and help you be calmer, and firey in a good, redheaded way.

How to de-stress and relaxation techniques: 

1. Ask yourself this before you say or do anything; “Will it matter in a year?” If the answer is no, think carefully about how to approach a situation. Your opinion is still important, but you may not need to pick as much of a fight over something that is short-term.

2. Clean something! This seems silly, I’m sure you’re thinking “how will cleaning out a closet help me be less fired up?” If your space, your home, your car, anything that’s yours, is clean, you’ll feel calmer and more ready to take on other challenges.

3. Take a few minutes each day to relax. Even ten minutes of YOU time will help you feel less stressed. Read a book, take a cat nap, or just sit. Anything that will allow you to be with yourself and refocus your energy.

4. Listen to calmer music when you drive or when you’re at work. It’s great to have some serious pump-up jams, but when you’re in higher stress situations like on the road or at your desk, it may be better to keep the easy listening going. Now, when you’re faced with a trying situation, you’re more calm and ready to cope.

5. Blow-off steam. It’s bad to keep energy bottled in! Try not to take out your anger or energy on someone, but do let it out. Go for a run, get home from work and dance to your crazy tunes, yell at that sports commentator when nobody is listening, or write a really mean letter and then rip it up. Whatever way works best for you is great. You need to let out all that negative energy, so that in a situation where you need it, only the positive energy is left.

De-stress and let that fiery, redheaded personality be fun instead of intimidating. Because we don’t want to act like this… right, ladies?


Rock it like a Redhead! 

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