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5 Best Colors for Redhead Men to Wear

Guys, You Look Great in These Colors!

Redhead Men

Finding your best colors can be tough when you’re a redhead. There’s a lot of talk about the colors redheads shouldn’t wear, but we think redheads can rock anything. Still, it’s nice to know what colors suit you best and flatter your hair and skin tone. For redhead men, there are a few colors that look particularly good! Here are our top 5 colors for redhead men to wear.

1. Shades of Blue

There’s no doubt about it, blue is one of the best colors for redheads across the board. We love blue on redhead men, especially because it’s so versatile. Dark navy blue is a great “neutral” while lighter ashy blues can really make hair pop. Vibrant shades of blue look amazing too. Blue looks great paired with white, tan, brown, and shades of gray. 

2. Burnt Orange

If you like to play with color, a really complementary one can be burnt orange. It’s a little richer than brown and will complement your hair nicely. Burnt orange might be seen as more of a fall color, but we think redheads should embrace it year-round. Burnt orange goes nicely with browns, lighter neutrals, and other deeper colors like dark green, dark blue, maroon, and mustard yellow.

3. Shades of Green

Green is another spectacular color for redheads and looks amazing in almost any shade. For redhead men, we love deep forest greens, more neutral sage greens and also olive greens. From light to dark, green will make your red hair stand out while also complimenting your skin tone. Green looks wonderful paired with shades of blue, browns, neutrals, and even other shades of green.

4. Maroon

Red is often a color that redheads shy away from, but we think a deeper, darker red like maroon is an excellent choice for redhead men. It can be very flattering against your skin and hair and pairs nicely with dark blues, grays, and neutrals. It also pairs nicely with other autumnal shades

5. Neutrals

This might be cheating, but we’re lumping neutrals into one category. For redheads, you can wear any neutral you like, but the most flattering option is to stay away from anything too light (unless it’s bright white) and choose shades of brown, gray, and tan that are a little more pigmented. Lighter colors can make you look a bit washed out, as can colors that are too deep like black. Finding colors in that middle ground will really help you to look amazing. 

Hesitant to try new colors? 

For redhead men hesitant to experiment with new colors, start small by incorporating new shades in accessories like ties, pocket squares, scarves, or socks to ease into the change. Layering can also help, by wearing new colors as undershirts or parts of a layered outfit with more neutral outer layers. Pair bolder colors with neutral shades to balance the look, such as a navy shirt with beige pants. Test colors in natural light to see how they complement your hair and skin tone, and seek feedback from friends or family with good fashion sense. Gradually introduce these colors into your wardrobe, starting with shades closer to neutrals and slowly moving towards bolder hues. Remember, confidence is key—if you feel good in what you’re wearing, it will show. Experimenting with new colors can be fun and rewarding, enhancing your unique features and personal style.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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