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How Redheads Can Rock: Sunless Tanner

Get Your Glow On, Ginger!

Sunless Tanning

Like our How To Wear series, we’re working on a new How Redheads Can Rock makeup series. We talk about trends, unique makeup, and makeup stereotypes that redheads face. This time, we’re talking about sunless tanner. 

This might be a little different from our usual “How to Rock” content because sunless tanner isn’t makeup but a beauty tool and a form of self-enhancement. Sunless tanner can feel daunting to redheads, especially those who are ultra-pale, or worried about turning orange. It’s a valid fear, but avoidable.

First, when we say sunless tanning, other acronyms are faux tanning, fake tanning, spray tanning, and self-tanning. We’re NOT talking about UV bed tanning because that option isn’t safe for anyone, especially redheads. READ: Why Redheads Should Never Use Tanning Beds Or Attempt A “Real” Tan.

Now, let’s dive in:

Why sunless tanning? 

Redheads are more susceptible to sunburn and skin damage from UV radiation. Sunless tanning provides several benefits for them:

1. Avoiding Sunburn: Fair-skinned individuals, including many redheads, are more prone to sunburn. Sunless tanning eliminates the risk of UV exposure and the associated burns.

2. Reduced Skin Cancer Risk: By avoiding UV rays, redheads can reduce their risk of developing skin cancer, to which they are more susceptible.

3. Even Skin Tone: Sunless tanning products can help even out skin tone and cover blemishes or imperfections without the need for prolonged sun exposure.

4. Immediate Results: Sunless tanning provides immediate results, unlike traditional tanning, which requires multiple sessions.

5. Customization: Many sunless tanning products allow for customizable shades, enabling redheads to achieve a natural-looking tan that complements their skin tone.

6. Skin Health: Prolonged sun exposure can accelerate skin aging and cause other skin issues. Sunless tanning helps maintain skin health and appearance over time.

How do I prevent turning orange? 

You might also be worrying about the sunless tan clashing with your red hair. This is a very valid fear because we see it all too often, but the truth is there are ways to avoid it. You have to know which products to use, how to apply them and avoid going overboard trying to be too tan. READ: Ask a Redhead: What Is The Best Sunless Tanner for Redheads?

If you’re worried about turning too orange, keep your hair color in mind and go for a product/application that looks natural. Don’t worry about how tan other people are. A light tan on a redhead will look much better than a deep tan, which might complement someone better with black or brown hair.

How do I beat my nerves?

It’s normal to be nervous. There are a ton of tanning horror stories out there, but that’s why you’re reading this. Do your research, and maybe try going to a professional spray tanner for your first time. If you hate it, you never have to go again.

If you aren’t sure about full-body sunless tanning, you may want to try tantouring, it’s contouring with sunless tanner! This creates a natural-looking contour that you’ll still have even without makeup! It also washes off in a few days and can be covered with makeup, so it’s not a huge commitment. 

Is sunless tanning a “right of passage” for redheads? 

No! Nobody needs a tan. You look gorgeous with whatever skin tone you have. Freckles or no freckles, it doesn’t matter. All skin is beautiful and should be celebrated. Sunless tanning is optional and something you should do only if you want to. Don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking you need a tan because you don’t.

Embracing fair skin as a redhead can be a beautiful and empowering experience. Here are some tips to help you celebrate and care for your fair skin:

1. Sun Protection: Always use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from UV rays. Wear hats, sunglasses, and protective clothing when outdoors.

2. Skincare Routine: Establish a gentle skincare routine with products suited for sensitive skin. Regularly moisturize and exfoliate to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

3. Makeup Tips: Choose makeup shades that complement your fair skin. Opt for foundations with a natural finish, blushes in soft pinks or peaches, and lip colors that highlight your natural beauty.

4. Celebrate Your Uniqueness: Fair skin with red hair is a rare and striking combination. Embrace your uniqueness and let it be a part of your identity.

5. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. Healthy habits reflect positively on your skin.

6. Confidence: Confidence is key. Embrace your natural beauty and be proud of your fair skin and red hair. Surround yourself with positive influences and people who celebrate you.

7. Fashion Choices: Choose clothing colors that complement your fair skin and red hair. Jewel tones, earthy shades, and classic colors often look stunning on redheads.

8. Inspiration: Look to role models and celebrities who have embraced their fair skin and red hair. Their confidence and style can be inspiring.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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