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Why Is Red Hair So Popular In Anime?

We've noticed it and this is why

Anime is a popular form of animated media that is consumed all over the world. Originating in Japan, anime is typically hand-drawn or computer-generated. Within the subculture that is anime, you will see different character aesthetics all depicted in the same or similar animated style. One of the most common characteristics of anime characters is red hair, but why is red hair so popular in anime?

The color red is powerful

Everyone knows red is a powerful color, and giving anime characters red hair is a way to show that they are powerful and have a temper to match

Red hair is sexualized 

We’ve seen the sexualization of red hair in media and in real life for years and years. Anime is no exception to this, and red hair is used to create a sense of lust for a certain character. 

Red hair stands out

Since anime originated in Japan, characters are based on Japanese and Asian culture, and red hair is not the norm there. Most people in these cultures have black or brown hair, so red hair makes a character stand out more. 

Red hair depicts personality

Redheads are often seen as headstrong, powerful, and feisty. This is something that is perceived in many different cultures. In anime, giving a character red hair can help to define those personality traits for them. 


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