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Why Red Hair Looks Good On Everyone

Natural redheads might be irate, but red can be for everyone!

If you stumbled across this beauty website for redheads and you’re not a redhead, you might be clicking away. But wait, you’re here for a reason. Maybe you were once a redhead looking to get back to your vibrant red roots, or maybe you’re considering going red. I might be a little biased as a natural redhead, but I think red hair is for everyone, and here’s why…

1. There are so many shades! 

One of the reasons red hair is rockable for anyone/any skin tone is because there are so many shades of red. Natural redheads run the gambit with shades from strawberry blonde to auburn and everything in between. When you add in all the options for red ‘by choice’, you’ve got something for everyone. 

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2. Red hair is a statement 

This is why it doesn’t have to look natural. If it’s not the color you were born with, vibrant red or orangey hues can be just as fun as other fashion colors like blue or purple. 

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3. Red is a power color 

Red is a power color, and red hair is no exception. Power is all about having confidence in yourself and your decisions. With confidence, you can rock anything, so if you’re confident in your red hair you will look amazing. 

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Rock it like a Redhead!